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What do you think about a movie that combines ‘CABIN IN THE WOODS’ and an episode of ‘BLACK MIRROR? If that peaks your horror/psychological movie interest, then WE ARE OMEGA is for you.

DARKSLIDE PICTURES has teamed up with UK screenwriter AJ Cupples on a brand-new psychological horror film. It’s a story about a man named JJ (Honnor Seaton) spending $5,000 to take his old friend Molly (Beáta Imre) on a VR date at Omega Reality. 

Unlike the VR we are used to, Omega Reality offers a virtual experience that requires no headset. Once they enter the virtual world, they traverse to crazy new places through portals as they encounter nightmarish creatures, a sadistic clown named Gropey, a raving masked slasher with a neon flail named Bootleg, and more! What is virtual and what represents reality starts to blur, as they start to wonder if they will ever be capable to escape. 

The amazing screenplay by AJ Cupples represents just the right delicious blend of scary and exciting. Sébastien Godin will be helping with Creature FX. Crystal Reeves will be working with the portal Visual FX. Kiefer Friday and William Tasman are the Camera Team! Matt Garriock does Drone Photography. And Honnor Seaton as JJ and Beáta Imre will be playing Molly.

A word from the creators "With our talented team working together, we will be able to create both an exciting and scary world. All the while, you'll be rooting for JJ and Molly to make it out alive! We need your help to make this film even better. We've already got the equipment lined up, and an amazing crew. Help us create something unique within the Horror Genre! In Thunder Bay, we are quite isolated from the rest of the industry, and it is difficult to get arts grants as a Genre film. This is why we are turning to you to help us make this nightmare into a reality. . . an OMEGA REALITY! "

Head over to indiegogo for support, news, and behind the scenes snippets.

I am sold on the whole premise when I learned the name Gropey the Clown. I need an anthology with shirts and action figures. That sounds like an iconic horror antagonist. So go over to their page and give them your support.

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