Crazy Natural Horror Films

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

I am sitting here looking at my thermometer and it reads .5 C(31 F). The snow is flying(but not sticking to anything), and the wind is blowing. Yesterday it was 16 C(61 F) and the sun felt so good, I drove with the windows down. Someone needs to come get Mother Nature, she is apparently drunk and wants to fight. That big of a shift in the weather is horrible.

But that also what makes nature so interesting. You do not know what will happen tomorrow. And that got me thinking, nature horror. Natural horror films have been a popular subgenre in horror, dating all the way back to the 1920s with the first movie adaptation of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. Since that time, we have seen the likes of killer plants, insects, fish, reptiles, and just about everything else that exists in nature. We, humans, love to see nature getting back at us. So I thought it would be nice to list some of my favorite nature horror movies. I’m not going with the popular ones like Jaws, Birds, or Anaconda. Everyone knows about those. I want to spread some off-the-beaten-path films. Some films you might not know existed, and hopefully from me mentioning them, will spur you into wanting to watch them. Plus most of them are on free streaming channels like Tubi, and Pluto. 

Now remember like all my lists, none of these are in order. I never rank in order, because that promotes opinion, and my opinion is no better or worse than anyone else. Well except for me lol.

Frogs 1972

A rich family living in a large plantation surrounded by a swamp disregards the local wildlife by using harsh pesticides on the land. This causes Mother Nature to fight back. I don’t know why they called it Frogs, there are many different species that get in on the killer action. The family and workers get attacked by lizards, snakes, leeches, frogs, alligators, birds, and even a butterfly(remember this is the 1970s, butterfly power). With so many fun and creative kills and a young, Sam Elliott, Frogs is a solid natural horror film.

Piranha 3D 2010

Before we start, yes I know this is a B-quality film. But it is a fun B-quality film. Alexandre Aja’s remake of Joe Dante’s film is bloodier, rowdier, and gigantic amounts of sex and nudity. On the face of it, Piranha 3D is exploitative garbage but it is one of the most gloriously made pieces of Grindhouse cinema ever created. 

The cast is full of stars and the 3D is a classic. It is one huge cinema gag. Brilliantly entertaining and hilariously gratuitous in every way possible, Piranha 3D is that rare remake that knows what it's doing, having fun.

Blood Beach 1981

This movie rocks, it has everything a Saturday night movie needs from a giant phallic monster to a scene where every few moments the mic drops into the shot. A popcorn monster flick giving a unique angle on the Jaws theme. The film has become a cult classic despite its glaring mistakes, such as boom mics in view and a poor production value. 

The premise itself is a clear riff on the popularity of "Jaws," and, as some have pointed out, the film predates "Tremors" and is very possibly an inspiration.

Slugs 1988

They’re slow (duh) and pretty harmless… until toxic waste gets involved. Giant black slugs with teeth bring hell to a town as they fill into houses. Surprisingly, the film is filled with gore, explosions, and decent effects. 

One scene always stands out and freaks me out. The little slug with teeth trying to bite his finger while they are examining it. I know it is fake, but it just makes my skin crawl.

Big Ass Spider! 2013

Just as the title suggests, a big ass mutant spider. The poor spider getting exposed to alien DNA, the creature begins killing anything in its path and has babies on the way. Yes, the effects are cheesy, there’s a lot of humor, but we also get a giant mutant cockroach at the end. Sounds like a win to me!

Lake Placid 1999

I was debating on listing this since most people know about it. But it has a croc created by the Stan Winston Studios and Betty White as a seemingly sweet old lady who lives on the lake (and happens to feed blindfolded cows to the crocodile). It is a highly entertaining flick that spawned several sequels, although none come even close to this one.

Alligator 1980

The film is a comment on the animal testing industry and homage to the alligators in the sewers myth. The monstrous, genetically enlarged Alligator at the center of the film is brilliantly constructed and the film revels in it. 

This like Jaws that gave a generation of people fear of the sewers. Unless you live in Florida, and that is just normal.

The Reef 2010

I’m going to say it, I think this is more intense and scarier than Jaws(ducks behind my chair). If you have ever seen Open Water, is practically the same situation but used far better and features some real intense storytelling. 

The whole idea for the film gives me anxiety. So personally speaking, this is by far the better film.

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