Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now (June 2018)

By Jack for Movies

Question: When is the right time to watch a scary movie? The answer is of course any time. Some people actually wait til October to indulge in horror films. Weirdos. No, in the modern world you can sit back and enjoy heart stopping fear from the comfort of your own couch anytime thanks to screaming streaming content from Netflix. Netflix has a lot of content, but some weird people say it's too much. I will admit it can be kinda annoying to dig through it all to find something worth watching.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the Best Horror Movies on Netflix right now, a list that will provide you with classic and modern selections to get your scare fix. There’s something for everyone here and more to come as Netflix continues to expand its catalog. 

“Viewer discretion is advised, you’re in for a scare!”

The Boy

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This unexpected, creepy hit from 2016 stars Lauren Cohan as a babysitter hired by lets call them eccentric millionaires to take care of their; little doll! At first she thinks it's the easiest job in the world, but she gradually begins to suspect that the doll is more alive than one would think. Spooky atmosphere and some unexpected developments make The Boy a creepfest. 


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David Fincher's disturbing and grotesque Se7en stars Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt as detectives on the hunt for a serial killer whose kills are all guilty of "The Seven Deadly Sins." Fincher portrays the whole world as a monstrous cesspool where good cannot thrive. It creates an uncomfortable backdrop against unspeakable acts of violence almost make sense. A cynical horror/thriller, but a brilliant one.

Train to Busan

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Zombie movies have been done to death, brought back to life, and then beaten like a undead horse. But that doesn’t mean they are not entertaining stories to be found. The zombie apocalypse has unleashed in South Korea, and a group of total strangers are stuck on a speeding train when the outbreak starts. Sang-ho Yeon’s horror-thriller figures out every possible way to make “zombies on a train” seem new and exciting, and builds a whole cast of characters you won’t want to watch get eaten, even though you know most of them will. Train to Busan is one of the most pulse-pounding zombie movies ever. Caution: Contains subtitles, but it is still worth it.

The Lost Boys

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Who doesn’t like The Lost Boys. The Lost Boys may be one of the most 80's movie of the 1980's, with Corey Feldman and Haim teaming up to kill vampires that look like they stepped out of an MTV music video. And it's still entertaining. Jason Patric stars as the older brother who starts running with the wrong crowd, a gang of leather-clad vampires led by a youthful Kiefer Sutherland, and only his brother and a few comic book shop nerds know how to save him. The characters are relatable, the gore is nice, and that soundtrack is a AWESOME. 

The Conjuring

Source: IMDB

Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson are supernatural investigators who get a job protecting a family from a malevolent presence. James Wan directs, crafting memorable characters and scary set pieces that will make you jump right up in the air, shrieking bloody murder. It’s as scary as it is classy. 


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A single mother and her troubled son fall prey to a storybook monster called The Babadook, which is either a terrifying creature or simply their interpreting serious and dangerous mental illness(I still don’t really know for sure). However you interpret, Director Jennifer Kent creates incredible amounts of atmosphere and dread. 

Curse & Cult of Chucky

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This is just old-fashioned slasher franchises, The more interesting sequels in the Child’s Play franchise. Curse of Chucky finds the killer doll living with a new family, it is a old-fashioned slasher. Cult of Chucky takes the series in wild new directions, with twists and turns and hallucinogenic imagery.


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A sweet young college student and vegan is forced to eat raw meat as part of a hazing ritual, but soon she realizes that she wants more meat(yea who doesn’t). Raw is disturbing and, at times grotesque, with an unsettling look at addiction and primal desires in their more destructive forms.

Gerald's Game

Source: IMDB

Carla Gugino travels to an isolated cabin with her husband to spice up their marriage, but he dies while she’s handcuffed to the bed(Everyone knows BDSM is the spice of life). Now she’s trapped, and starving, while a feral dog that found its way into the house. Mike Flanagan’s constructed adaptation of the Stephen King novel is a suspenseful film, but also a showcase for Gugino's acting talents. 

Extraordinary Tales

Source: IMDB

Are you a fan of Poe’s works and unique animated adaptations. Then this is a must-watch. It showcases some of his most famous works. It’s a dark, macabre anthology that explores Poe’s equally morbid imagination, and it’s perfect night entertainment.


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Mike Flanagan, directs this story of a deaf woman being menaced by a masked killer in her remote home. This is nothing you haven’t seen before, but Flanagan brings real style and visual energy to this film. 


Source: IMDB

The Cube is simple. A group of strangers awakens to find themselves in a complex system of identical rooms, some containing hidden, lethal traps. With no idea of where they are, how they got there, or even why they’re there, these people have to work together to escape or die trying. This is a great example that the only things needed for a good movie is a solid idea, competent actors, and a little money. It is unnerving, tense, claustrophobic thrill ride.

The Wailing

Source: IMDB

The Wailing is a South Korean horror film that draws on folklore for a tale of terror. But worry not, you don’t need to be an expert on Korean mythology to appreciate the film’s scares. In a remote village in South Korea, an mysterious Japanese man moves into a house by himself, and a weird plague spreads through the town, turning the villagers into psychotic killers. A cop named Jong-goo investigates the case. The Wailing is a surreal horror film that wisely builds an emotional investment in Jong-goo before leading him into nightmarish places. Caution: Contains subtitles. 

Last Shift

Source: IMDB

Director Anthony DiBlasi gives us a horror film centering around a transitioning police station. Officer Jessica Loren has been assigned to wait for a Hazmat team to pick up bio-hazardous waste from the armory. But Jessica doesn’t know that cult Leader John Michael Paymon has haunted the department ever since he and two of this followers committed suicide there. This movie has something for everyone.

Tucker an Dale vs. Evil

Source: IMDB

Not every horror film has to scare you so bad you wet your pants. Sometimes they make you laugh so hard you wet your pants. In reality this is the perfect love story, with a rather high body count. Here is what we got: Two lovable West Virginia hillbillies are headed to their newly purchased fixer-upper vacation/retirement cabin to do some repairs, drink some beer, fish, drink some beer, do some yard work and if time allows drink some more beer. You know your average good time. But when they run into a group of skittish preppy college kids who assume from their looks that they must be in-bred, chainsaw wielding killer rapists, Tucker & Dale's vacation takes a bloody and funny turn for the worse.  


Source: IMDB

For the kids, and kids at heart. 5 seasons of R.L. Stine’s series that combines original stories and from his popular books. Just because they are geared for kids, doesn’t make them any less scary. I have probably watched them all, and enjoyed most of them. This is a great series to introduce your little ones to horror.

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