The Return of The Addams Family

By Alex for Movies

Remember the Addams Family?

Yes? Well, good news! Sausage Party filmmaker, Conrad Vernon will direct an Addams Family animated movie in 2019 with the help of Greg Tiernan.

The cartoon style movie is set to hit cinemas on October 11th 2019 with a star studded voice actor cast. Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard will voice Pugsley Addams and Chloë Grace Moretz will voice Wednesday Addams, to make just a couple of the huge stars what will feature in this revival.


The movie will follow the spooky family in typical Addams family adventures and the arrival of extended family for a creepy celebration. Morticia, as always is the organiser and the voice of reason, pulling her family through every sticky situation with her sheer power.  

With a cast this impressive, this has got to be good. 2019 is shaping up to be a good year for all things creepy!  

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