Bruce Invades Christmas

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

If you have noticed a Bruce Campbell drought of late, it is because he has been hard at work on multiple projects. In the coming holiday months(but before New Year), we will be able to see “The King” in two rather different movies.


The first movie is titled One December Night. It is billed as a wonderful heartfelt Christmas tale about friendship, music, family, and the things that ultimately bring us all together. One December Night comes to the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, November 13. That’s right, Hallmark Channel, which I think they should just change the name to Christmas Channel. The only channel where you can find a Christmas movie any month of the year. Bruce is playing a character named Steve Bedford. This should be one Hallmark Christmas movie that horror fans won’t want to miss.


The second movie is titled Black Friday. A horror-comedy about a ragtag group of toy store employees get more than they bargained for when Black Friday shoppers mutate into violent monsters. Director Casey Tebo promised old-fashioned filmmaking. Practical effects and prosthetics. A date has not been announced yet, but sometime between now and Christmas.

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