People Who Are Intrigued By Serial Killers Are More Intelligent

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Into The Mind

Here is a rather foolish question. Have you ever gone on a significant binge over serial killer movies, shows, books, and more? If you are reading this, then most likely the answer is “Yes."


The world of true crime is gigantic. We have stories of the most heinous of murder, killing sprees, and more from all over the world. We have TV channels devoted to crime, numerous shows, and classic slasher movies and documentaries which never get old. If you love all of these and will continue to spend time engrossed in them, then you will be glad to know you have a higher functioning brain and intelligence, according to some experts.


Dr. Marissa Harrison, the associate professor of psychology at Penn State Harrisburg, has stated in a study that “people who are fascinated by serial killers, or love watching crime shows have an evolutionary cognitive advantage over others. Since some of these movies and shows are actually inspired by real events, the human brain has a tendency to pay closer attention to the details so that one may be prepared for the worst. You would pay attention to and have interest in, the horrific, because in the ancestral environment, those who tuned in to horrible events left more descendants, logically because they were able to escape harmful stimuli,” Dr. Harrison said people would exhibit this trait in real life too as their body evolves and adjusts to the situation at hand. 


Harrison is also a prominent criminologist, who added that many people are attracted to the dark side as it helps them step in the shoes of a killer from a safe place and understand their thought process and behavioral patterns. According to another study, more women are fascinated with crime, serial killers, and murder mysteries when compared to men, and the reason for that is far from obvious. Watching true crime stories is helping them learn and understand what they should or should not be doing in case they ever find themselves in similar situations. 


According to the study, investing a lot of time watching these shows, documentaries and movies help us get a better grip on our emotions. People are typically fascinated by these serial killers and use this newfound thought process to understand other people and their feelings better. So now we all can say we are trying to understand human behavior and emotions when we binge-watch 8 hours of True Crimes. Now we all have excuses, good to know.

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