Ward XVI: Mister Babadook

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Into The Mind

In the deepest cells of Whittingham Asylum, lurks the horrors best left unseen. From that terror-filled rooms comes a brand-new song that is taken from Ward XVI's second album 'Metamorphosis'. Mister Babadook is the newest single from the insanity of the twisted nether of Ward XVI.

In 2017 Ward XVI released their critically acclaimed debut, ‘The Art of Manipulation’. This concept album revealed the sordid story of Psychoberrie, currently incarcerated among the warped inhabitants of Ward XVI. An exciting tour, in which Psychoberrie’s most heinous deeds were enacted, instantly hooked legions of fellow insaniacs. Since then they have played all over the UK.


The new chapter of Psychoberrie’s confessional was scheduled for release in Autumn 2020. ‘Metamorphosis’ intentionally exposes the disturbed upbringing of Ward XVI’s most infamous inmate. With the new chapter, we are receiving a song called Mister Babadook. The song is around an adolescent girl who is fighting to make sense of the shadows that grow within her room. Every sound makes the shadows stronger. Is there safety in her room, or will the shadows overcome?

For those who have seen not Mister Babadook, it is a real treat. If you took Metallica, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, with just a sprinkling of My Chemical Romance; place them into a giant meat grinder. The result would be the closest I could describe Mister Babadook. Ward XVI brought a mix of metal, theatre, and madness. I absolutely love the child intro. It balances well with the sick drums and bass as the song builds. Psychoberrie (love the name) belts out vocals that few can match as the song creates a tale as old as any child or adult.

Not only is the music slamming, but it tells a story. A rare find now. How they are not better recognized is a travesty. Their music, especially the new single Mister Babadook remain the stuff that makes for legendary music. 

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