Facts Most Fans Don’t Know About The ‘Halloween’ Franchise

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

Since Halloween Kills is pushed back till 2021 because of Covid. I thought it would be nice to look at the different entries that are all but deleted from the canon. Plus it’s October, and Michael has been the poster child for Halloween since the 1980s. Now let's go back and find out some little known facts about one of the longest horror franchises in history before they remade it.


1. Carpenter was very close to directing Halloween H20 but he missed that opportunity by asking for a salary which was considered to be too high, namely $10 million. 


2. In order to not be demolished, the original house featured in the movie, now a historical landmark, was relocated in 1987 from 709 Meridian Avenue in South Pasadena, California, to 1000 Mission Street in South Pasadena. Bonus Points: Right around the corner you can visit the Stroud house, and pose for pictures with fake pumpkins, they actually encourage it! And will supply you with fake pumpkins to pose with.

3. The first Halloween was shot in May in southern California so the production staff had to store and re-use the same leaves for every scene.


4. Everyone knows Michael’s mask cost just $1.98 and it was made from a William Shatner mask that production had bought and altered. Other options included Richard Nixon and Spock.

5. 1978’s Halloween is one of the most successful indie films ever made. The budget was $300,000 but the movie earned more than $47 million in the US. That’s around $200 million today.


6. The script for Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers was written in 11 days because of a writer’s strike that was due to begin.


7. In Halloween: Resurrection, actress Bianca Kajlich needed vocal back-up to be added in post-production because she was not able to scream.

8. Carpenter even has a cameo in the 1978 movie. He voiced Annie’s boyfriend on the other end of the phone. The same kind of cameo was done by Jaime Lee Curtis in Halloween III. She voiced a telephone operator.


9. In the first Halloween movie, the production budget was so low that there were no special effects. The “stabbing” sounds were made by slashing a watermelon.

10. Laurie Strode was the name of one of John Carpenter’s ex-girlfriends.

11. Jamie Lee Curtis was cast to play Laurie Strode only because her mother was Janet Leigh, the iconic actress from Psycho, and John Carpenter thought it would be a good PR move.


12. Later on in the franchise, in Halloween H20, Janet Leigh made a cameo and played Curtis’ secretary. Also, one of the movie scenes had her standing in front of a 1957 Ford Custom 300 with the license plate NFB 418, a tribute to the same car she drove in Psycho.

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