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By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

Having grown up on horror cinema at night and Hong Kong cinema in the afternoon, my weekends were on the diverse side of movies. There was always a classic, B movie, or cheap slasher movie on the horror TV show every Friday night. And then at 1 PM on Saturday a movie from Hong Kong that was either Kung Fu, war, or their particular style of monster/horror.  These were the two places where I was introduced to everything from cult classics to schlock Z grade movies. And that is the reason why I am always on the lookout for Asian films. It tugs at my nostalga strings.

Now the English-speaking world is getting Snake (Asian title: The Serpent of Death). It arrives on Tuesday, May 24. I love Asian monster movies. I know it is because of all the different Kaiju films I have watched. So when they announced that we would be getting this particular one, I was excited.

Snake is written and directed by Lin Zhenzhao (Unity of Heros, Monkey King).

The official synopsis is:

A group of people traveling by boat along a river makes the startling discovery of a new breed of mutated snake that has become the king of the jungle. With its enormous size and quick speed, they quickly realize that their weapons may be no match for this deadly creature.

Karen Huang, Yue Zheng, Meili Xi, and Yong Yang star.

This one looks like a version of Kong: Skull Island with a snake and no King Kong. But still looks fun. Check out the trailer below.

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