Movies to Watch Outside

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

I was scanning Amazon and noticed something in my “Get yourself a little something” section. A home projection system. Translation; movies on the side of my house at night. I remember pricing them years ago and most were 4 digits, and way too costly for me. But these new systems were the same price as the subwoofer set I have in the living room. Since it can connect to Bluetooth my blu-ray player and Fire Stick.  Guess who is getting a Christmas in July present lol.

Naturally, this made my little brain thinking of movies. What would be some killer(wink) movies to watch in the great outdoors? Hince this list is going to be horror movies to watch outside. This list is going to be a little one-sided since it will be movies I like. Naturally, there will not be any order. But I will promise any two would make a great outdoor movie night.

Arachnophobia 1990

Spiders don’t need to be big to be scary. And that’s the point of Arachnophobia. The spiders who menace new doctor Ross and his wife Molly may be slightly larger than the average arachnid you’d find in the small California town where the movie takes place, but they find plenty of cringe-inducing hiding places to lie in wait. 

Imagine sitting outside and a mosquito lands on your leg. Is it an insect or a spider? Remember kids to always look beneath the toilet seat.

The Ritual 2017

To honor the memory of their dead friend, four men decide to go on a hiking trip in northern Sweden. Things take a turn when they decide to make a detour through the forest to cut the trip in half. 

If I am ever hiking and I find gutted animals hanging from trees and strange markings. This old boy is turning around and going home.

 The Evil Dead 1981

Ash and his friends just wanted to get away and spend a couple of nights in a remote cabin. Upon discovering an old book and audiotape in the basement, they soon resurrect a demonic entity that begins taking them out one by one, leaving just one survivor to fight for his chance to see another day.

Because it is Evil Dead. Watch all three and make it a triple feature.

Wrong Turn 2003

The West Virginia woods are home to a family of cannibals. When a group of young people accidentally wanders onto their property.

Because I’m a born and raised Hillbilly from the mountains of West Virginia. And we will be playing “Take Me Home, Country Roads” in the background the whole dang time.

Friday The 13th 1980

The story of Mrs. Voorhees taking her revenge on the counselors at Camp Crystal Lake.

This one is a no-brainer. Honestly, any of the franchise would be a good choice. Except “Goes to Hell”. That one sucked.

The Hills Have Eyes 1977

An unfortunate family was ambushed by a gang of incestuous cannibals.

I still say Beast the dog is the real hero. And if you disagree, piss off, I am right. 

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, 1920

German Expressionism is set in a twisted hand-painted world that perfectly fits the warped minds of its central characters.

Because you need a large screen to appreciate this classic film. 

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