Friday the 13th Part 2 Found Footage

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

A grail of a find. Apparently while examining some old boxes of VHS tapes, a remarkable discovery of monumental proportions. The uncut main copy of Ft13 P.2 on old VHS owned by FX artist Carl Fullerton who invariably had the forthright to save the cut footage for his own portfolio. Paramount has stated that they've long since disposed of the negative and is now believed to no longer exist. But thankfully for longtime fans, a copy was found. 


Scream Factory acquired it when inspected who discovered it to be stuck together and unplayable. But after careful preparations, it was finally properly restored and digitized. The footage will be included in the upcoming Friday the 13th Blu-Ray Collection: Deluxe Edition available from Scream Factory.


The new scenes included will be:

1. A bloodier ice pick death for Alice

2. A longer, more gruesome wire death for Crazy Ralph

3. Bloodier deaths for the police officer via a claw hammer 

4. An alternate version of Mark’s death, featuring a brief moment with Jason’s machete going into his face.

5. An alternate final shot of Pamela’s severed head opening her eyes just before the credits hit.

6. Jeff and Sandra impalement sequence which finds both characters run through by Jason at once, this graphic footage was cut from the film, even though a still of this gory death made its way into Fango and the back cover of an early VHS release(which was always confusing and gave way to the myth of an unrated cut). With that said, Sandra was only 17, so it may not be released because it is considered child porn. Therefore be warned, we might not see it.

7. Scott is getting his throat slashed.


I hope Scream Factory releases a stand along Pt.2 so fans can add it to their collections. Because I definitely don’t want to invest that much on a new box set when I already have a perfectly good box set. I’ve wanted the uncut version since the '80s, but not for $159 bucks.

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