Keanu Stars in The Devil in the White City

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

The Devil in the White City is a big-budget take on Erik Larson’s 2003 book that tells the tale of America’s very first serial killer, H. H. Holmes. Just a reminder, Holmes is really not America’s first serial killer. The only reason he receives this title is for the fact that the media documented his actions, especially graphic, and became entertainment to the masses. There have been multiple serial killers before him.

At the moment we don’t know if Reeves will be starring as the ghastly murderer or the architect behind Holmes’ nightmare Murder Castle. Both roles sound exciting for the star. The Devil in the White City, which is being produced for Hulu as a series, tells the somewhat true story of two men, an architect, and a serial killer. Their fates were forever linked by The Chicago World’s Fair of 1893.

The synopsis goes as followed.

“The book is set in Chicago in 1893, interweaving the true tales of Daniel Burnham, the architect behind the 1893 World's Fair, and H. H. Holmes, a serial killer who lured his victims to their deaths in his elaborately constructed "Murder Castle". The Devil in the White City is divided into four parts, the first three happening in Chicago between 1890 and 1893, while part four of the book takes place in Philadelphia circa 1895. The story of Daniel Burnham, his building of the fair, and the struggles he overcomes forms one plotline. The other, a vivid and very different plotline, is that of H. H. Holmes, a mentally unstable pharmacist/doctor who forms a plan to use an abandoned lot across the street from his pharmacy to lure and kill multiple victims.”

Leonardo DiCaprio bought the film rights to the book in 2010. Martin Scorsese is executive producing alongside Rick Yorn, Sam Shaw, Jennifer Davisson, and Stacey Sher. Todd Field is set to direct the first two episodes of the limited series.

If you are not familiar with H.H. Holmes, here is a short documentary on the monster.

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