Panther Ridge - Extreme Horror Short

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With absolutely no budget, this extreme shock value horror short depicts the immense possibilities of the BDSM scene when power gets to the dominants head, full of wonderful blood and guts, Panther Ridge shows just how far people can go to satisfy their own twisted sense of pleasure.

With only just over 6 minutes of run time, you are easily able to experience the ride of succumbing to immense pressure from your peers, see how desperate people can get when facing the fear of pain and death and just how quickly things can escalate when put into the wrong hands.

Panther Ridge started as a simple 30 page script in the director’s screenwriting class at the University of Toledo, 2 years after the script was written in 2015 and only 1 weekend of shooting, a gripping video was produced. This short is a mix of a few scenes from a full-feature version that will be coming out in the next few years.

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A young woman, Vera, enters into an underground world of extreme BDSM films where she stars in her very first scene.

About the director

Ryan is a 25 year old writer/director who lives in Sarasota, Florida. His debut short film “White Willow” received world wide attention and praise from horror sites. Panther Ridge is his second short film which is inspired by the feature version of it. Ryan got his start in the industry in 2016 and has worked on various sets with names such as Dylan McDermott, Justin Long, Niecy Nash, Azita Ghanizata, and Kevin Smith.


Chenara Imirith - Chenara is a Tampa based actress.

Kerry Hempel - Kerry is a senior at the Ringling College of Art & Design. She has worked on sets with Justin Long and Kevin Smith. She is also a writer/director.

Clinton Bailiff - Clinton is a Sarasota based actor who has starred in numerous Ringling student films.

Jada Poon - Jada is a sophomore at RCAD. She has worked on sets with Kevin Smith and Justin Long. She had a small role in “The Real Stephen Blatt.” Jada also edited Ryan’s first horror short White Willow.

Seth Goodfellow - Seth is a Tampa based actor who has had roles in many Florida film productions and also RCAD films.


Harrison Stagner - Harrison is a St. Pete based director/writer/DP/editor and has done just about every job in the film industry. He is owner and founder of his company Stag Productions. He is also a Ringling grad.

Zfeing Zhuo - Zfeing, better known as “Z” is a senior at RCAD. She has worked on numerous Ringling productions such as Justin Long’s “The Real Stephen Blatt,” and

Kevin Smith’s “Killroy Was Here.”

Jeremy Teran - Jeremy is a Ringling grad who has worked on numerous projects with the school specializing in grip and electric.

Maciej Ruminkiewicz - Maciej is an international Ringling student from Poland. He is a self taught music composer.

Austin O’Reilley - Austin is a junior is RCAD who has a focus in editing. He is also a producer on Kevin Smith’s “Killroy Was Here.”

Tony Ahedo - Tony is a Ringling grad who writes and directs his own horror/comedy web series “Barry Baker Aspiring Serial Killer.” He DP’d Ryan’s first short film White Willow.

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