Tim Burton is Looking to Bring Back The Addams Family

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

Since the 1960's The Addams Family has been a horror and Halloween source of entertainment. With MGM’s recent animated film and its upcoming sequel, the public interest is high. Being reports, Tim Burton is looking to bring the family back to the world of live-action for a brand new TV series. You heard right Tim Burton! The creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky, The altogether ooky; Mr, Tim Burton.


Burton has stated he is negotiating to executive produce and possibly direct all episodes of this new take on the franchise. Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (Smallville) have already been set as the writers/showrunners for the MGM TV project, which is currently looking for a home. Potentially at Netflix or Amazon Prime. With Tim Burton wanting to head the project, we can be assured that the Addams are in very good and capable hands.


What we also have heard is that while this particular bit hasn’t been confirmed, the series would be set in the present day and primarily center on Wednesday Addams. Let's hope we finally get a Christina Ricci adult Wednesday. Or she gets the lead as Morticia. As you can see, she rocks the Morticia look. 


Come to think about it, Tim Burton and The Addams Family are a natural fit, to the point that it’s almost hard to even believe that it’s taken this long for Burton to become attached to the property. There’s probably nobody better to inject new life into the live-action franchise than Burton, and the potential focus on Wednesday sounds like the best possible call here.

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