HELP A Friendship From Hell

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

Some friendships are difficult to maintain. Most are easy. While others are almost impossible. Regardless of which kind, it takes some degree of work. And these are in the best of times. When things get shaky, it can be hard to hold onto the relationship. Shaky usually means an argument or emotional disagreement. But in the upcoming film HELP, shaky means the discovery that your best friend may in fact be a murderer.

HELP tells a classic story with twists. Official synopsis:

After going through a rough breakup, Grace goes to find solace in her friend Liv. Liv lives in the countryside with her boyfriend Edward and his dog Polly. The trio starts the weekend in high spirits but soon turns into chaos. Secrets are exposed and the friends come to see each other in a whole new light.

HELP was filmed over just 12 days. Due to UK lockdown restrictions, only 20 cast and crew members were involved. Even with such limitations, the crew created something that looks great. In his director’s statement, Blake Ridder said:

“No matter how hard we try, no one is perfect. We all have our own issues and help that we seek for. Especially in our personal relationships, much like the characters in this film. During the UK’s first lockdown in March 2020, it pushed me to create even more short films than I ever did before. Of course, with each film you make, it teaches you something, you learn from your mistakes and understand what really captures the audience through my storytelling. Which ultimately made me decide it was time to make my debut feature film”.  

HELP boasts an impressive cast of promising actors of Louis James (The English Teacher, A Simple Robbery), Emily Redpath (Romeo and Juliet, Casualty), Sarah Alexandra Marks (Glamour, Psychosis), and a cameo performance from boyband Blue’s Duncan James.

Watch the trailer now:

Ridder Films, in association with Executive Producer Lucas A. Ferrara, are releasing HELP on VOD on February 15, 2022.

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