Castle Freak Remake Releases First Trailer

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

I remember renting this back in 95. They displayed a huge poster on the new arrivals wall. When I saw the words Stuart Gordon, I had to rent it. It was snowing, and I had an Economic test to study for. But I watched it that night. As slashers movies go, this was average. Yes, the villain was nicely done. It is one of those creations you see on horror sites, but don't know the movie.  Also, the sex was explicit. Storywise, nothing really stood out from the rest of them. Accordingly, when I heard about the remake of Stuart Gordon’s Castle Freak, I was surprised. Surprised it took 25 years to remake. When I read who they had working on it and thought this might be better than the original. Plus I like the story, this movie explores the backstory of the old ones. 


After watching the trailer, I am satisfied that it looks like it’s going to explore the source material a lot more than the original film did. Castle Freak tells the story of:


After she’s permanently blinded in a tragic car accident, Rebecca’s receives some bizarre news: her long-lost-mother has recently passed away, leaving her their family’s ancestral castle. Traveling to the estate with a group of friends, Rebecca hopes it will be an opportunity for her to reconnect with the past she never knew—and a mother who seemingly left her behind. When mysterious happenings begin to occur and her friends begin dying, Rebecca must unravel her family’s mysterious history before she too falls prey to the Castle Freak.


Sounds intriguing and looks like it will be a fun ride. The directorial debut of award-winning special effects artist Tate Steinsiek (Face Off, Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich) Produced by Barbara Crampton (star of the original Castle Freak), Written by Kathy Charles (The Kings of Maine), Starring Clair, Catherine, Jake Horowitz (The Vast of Night), Chris Galust (Give Me Liberty), Kika Magalhaes (The Eyes of My Mother) Emily Sweet (Syn), Elisha Pratt (True Detective) and Omar Brunson (Shadow Fighter), With a Score composed by Fabio Frizzi (The Beyond and Kill Bill).


Gordon’s original Castle Freak starred Barbara Crampton and Jeffrey Combs and was based on H.P. Lovecraft’s The Outsider. This re-imagining seems to be digging into that Lovecraft lore more than Gordon’s did. Naturally, we will have to wait to see the finished product before we can say for sure. 

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