Designer Looking to Buy Human Skin for “Leatherface” Masks

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Creepy

A definitely weird and macabre story that leads to a whole slew of questions. A London-based designer is trying to obtain some human skin so they can make “Leatherface” masks after a previous partnership with a bariatric surgery clinic fell through. 


The designer says they have an order from a private collector and is willing to pay a supplier £10,000 for 10 lbs of skin. The designer says in her job request that she is desperate to get her hands on 10 lbs of human skin, which she plans to make into masks for one of her private clients after a previous partnership with a bariatric clinic “fell through at the last minute.” 


The professional, who has chosen to remain anonymous (big surprise), has £10,000 for the skin and would like to make contact with any suppliers by November 9th. Check out the request for yourself, here:

A Sewport spokesperson said,

“We’ve had some bizarre and quirky requests come through the platform in the past, but this one has to take the crown! After speaking with the designer, it’s obvious that she’s incredibly passionate about her art, and although it might be a little stomach curdling, it’s all above board. We’re not here to judge, our role in this is to help this designer fulfill her order, and the way we can help, and what has proven effective in the past, is to make her request public. I urge anyone who’s recently undergone weight loss surgery, or any clinic that has the right to donate skin, to get in touch – you never know someone might love the idea of their tummy skin being worn as a scary mask!”

Anyone else receiving a bunch of red flags with this story? Is this legal? If it is legal, do you require proper permits? Who would need Leatherface type masks? Why would you need them? This story opens up more questions than it resolves. I’ve eaten opossum stew at a Roadkill Cookoff. I understand the premise of morbid. But this just seems off the chart. 

Would you wear a “Leatherface” mask made from human skin for Halloween or have it in a collection? Is this macabre or just plain sick? 

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