10+ Horror Shorts Everyone Should See

By Elliot for Creepy

There are only two major types of Horror movies these days. There is the jump-scare driven horror movie genre that spends all its time building up suspense just to make the viewer feel fear by suddenly having something jump at the screen. The other type is plain and simple Gore. Just blood and guts does not equal horror content. 

Luckily the indie horror community is here to make the difference. Short films that are more driven to scare the user are the way to go. Feel like having trouble to sleep tonight? These might just do the trick!

1. Bedfellow

2. Unknown Number

3. Vicious

4. The Smiling Man

5. The Cop Cam

6. Night Night Nancy

7. Mr Creak

8. Clickbait

9. Victim

10. Passenger

11. Downstairs

12. Attic Panic

13. Charlie

14. Occupied

15. Rake

16. I Heard It Too

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