Strange Items Used to Murder

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Into The Mind

Murder. As old as man. And being so old, murder can come in many different forms and fashions. Whether it’s two complete strangers crossing paths, or a crime of passion between lovers, it’s impossible to pick up a phone, newspaper, or tablet these days without reading about someone being killed somewhere in the world. You probably think you’ve seen just about every way possible for one person to take the life of another, but you may be surprised to learn some of the methods that people have used.

So let's focus on a few of the more unusual cases of murder. More importantly, the implement used in the crime is not your traditional murder weapon and some of the circumstances involving them.




On July 27, 2010, Angeles Cadillo-Castro beat her own daughter to death using a spatula. Castro would later tell investigators she snapped before committing the brutal assault, which left the girl with injuries from her neck down to her knees. After pleading guilty to a lesser charge of child abuse homicide, a first-degree felony, Castro was sentenced to five years to life in prison for her daughter’s tragic death.

I thought getting whipped with a fly swat was bad as a kid. Geeze.



August 30, 2005, In a real-life horror story, China Arnold placed her one-month-old baby daughter in a microwave oven and turned it on following an argument with her boyfriend over the identity of the baby’s father. The baby was killed after being cooked alive while spending more than two minutes inside the oven, and Arnold was later sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole.

SOB like this deserved to be skinned, placed in salt, and then shoved into a big microwave and left in them till they explode like a hotdog.



In January 2018, Juanita Gomez, 51, was convicted of killing her 33-year-old daughter by forcing a crucifix down her daughter’s throat because she believed her daughter was possessed by the devil.

I’m not catholic so I don’t know any of their practices. But something tells me, this is not the appropriate way to use a crucifix.

Woman Shoe 


In 1935 a woman named Edith Maxwell had her passion turn to rage. Following an argument with her father, Edith used her shoe to beat him to death. Not one of those stripper high heels that can stab like a knife, but those flat 3-inch heel working shoes from the early 20th century. Edith was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the murder but was released after only spending 6 years behind bars. 

One of the factors in reducing her sentence was when Eleanor Roosevelt penned a letter on Edith’s behalf.



In 1991, a 63-year-old man from West Milton, Ohio, beat his wife to her demise with two banjos. Miami County Chief Deputy Charles Price said, "She was beaten with a banjo in the head. When it was destroyed, a second banjo was used."



In April of 2010, a real-life version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre played out in the streets of Lewisville, Texas. Jose Fernando Corona used two different chainsaws to viciously slice his wife Maria into pieces, and then he dragged her headless body into the street. Maria was later discovered by the neighborhood mailman during his usual route.

See Leatherface is a lie. Chainsaws get gummed up.

Prosthetic Leg


In 2011, a 47-year-old homeless woman from Louisiana named Debra Hewitt killed her boyfriend, Dwayne Ball, using her own prosthetic leg. According to the police reports, Hewitt first stomped on Ball, then took off her prosthetic leg and beat him with it. Just to make sure he was dead, she then stabbed him. Ball’s body would eventually be found 6 weeks later. Hewitt, whose nickname was “Angel”, was convicted of second-degree murder, and faces a mandatory life sentence behind bars.



In January 2013, Police were called to a trailer park in Snohomish County, Washington for a report of fighting at a neighbor’s home. When cops arrived on the scene, they found Donna Lange, 51, who weighed 192 pounds at the time,  passed out on top of her boyfriend, who weighed 175 lbs. His face was completely smothered by her breasts, and he was pronounced dead. Witnesses claim they heard the boyfriend yelling at Lange to get off of him, and investigators found clumps of Lange’s hair in his hands. Donna Lange was charged with second-degree murder for the smothering death of her boyfriend.

Let's be honest. It isn’t the worst way to go. If I die like this, I will haunt anyone who doesn't put that in big letters on my headstone. "Choked to Death on a Titty"

Sex Toy 


Ramon Novarro was a star in the silent film era, featured in movies such as the original Ben Hur and The Silver Chalice. Being one of the few openly homosexual stars in Hollywood at the time made Novarro a bit of an oddity, but more than that, it made him a target. One evening he invited over two male friends, who Novarro believed were coming to engage in sexual activities. One of the men, Paul Ferguson, had other plans. Believing that Novarro had hidden a large sum of money within the home, Ferguson was particularly savage in his killing of Novarro. Rumor has it that his cause of death was a sex toy cast from a model of Rudolph Valentino's little Rudolph. Both Ferguson and his brother, who had accompanied him that evening, were sentenced to life in prison.

Remember the KISS classic, Plaster Caster; not used as intended.

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