Living Dead Museum

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Into The Mind

I rarely spotlight attractions, but this one is special. If you are a Undeadhead, then this museum is the holy land. All things undead museum, The Living Dead Museum is being reanimated as a brand new, expanded museum!


The press release: “Living Dead Museum will hold Grand Opening of the new Pittsburgh Horror & Movie Museum in all-new Monroeville Mall location on June 12, 2021. The newly expanded museum will feature all-new horror and movie exhibits that emphasize Pittsburgh’s role in film and pop culture including George A. Romero’s famous zombie movies and other Pittsburgh productions. Grand Opening day includes an appearance by Lenny Lies, “machete zombie” from the classic 1978 film Dawn of the Dead, which was famously filmed in the Monroeville Mall.”

When the Living Dead Museum debuted in 2008, it was a small Dawn of the Dead tribute room in the Monroeville Mall. After several expansions, the museum moved in 2013 to Evans City, PA, home to Night of the Living Dead. Evans City was where the 1968 zombie film that started it all was filmed. It was here it was established as the world’s premiere zombie museum. In 2019 plans began to expand to a second location in the Monroeville Mall focusing on a broader Pittsburgh Horror & Movie Museum. Unfortunately, the 2020 pandemic forced the closure of the Evans City location. So they made the decision to merge both locations into a newly expanded horror movie museum in the Monroeville Mall, encompassing the legacy zombie exhibits along with the all-new movie exhibits.

New exhibits include Dawn of the Dead screen-used props and actual set pieces. Evil Dead 2 screen used set pieces, and props. Netflix’s “Mindhunter” props and set decorations. Legacy exhibits include the Zombie Timeline; the Celebrity Maul of Fame; and select props from the George A. Romero series of Dead films. 

The added feature to this museum is the fact it is in a working mall. So if you bring someone who is not into the undead, send them off shopping. Then you can enjoy everything the museum has to offer. Then take a tour of all the different spots in the mall from the film. The new Living Dead Museum is located on the upper level of Monroeville Mall and directly across from the George A. Romero bust. It is hard to miss. My advice is to go on one of their event weekends for some autographs. However, if you want to absorb everything and not be crowded, then do the opposite. But who wouldn't want a signed picture and sit in on a panel discussion?

Check out their website. Living Dead Museum

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