A Rescue and Rehabilitation Center For Adorable Bats In Need

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Into The Mind

Bats are fascinating creatures. Many look like a cross between a rodent and a bird. But just because they look like pets, bats are not pets. Sure they are just as adorable as any puppy, kitten, or other kinds of furry friend we joyfully welcome into your home. These creatures are wild animals. Wings Paws N' Claws bat sanctuary works hard to make sure their dedicated followers understand this. No matter how cute they might appear, never to handle a bat on their own. 


The Flying Fox Rescue and Rehab located in QLD, Australia, employs vaccinated and licensed volunteers to care for lost, orphaned, and injured bats found in places they are not supposed to be. Therefore unless you are licensed, do not think about caring for bats, if you see one that needs help, call animal control so they can take the correct steps in taking care of the furry critter.


One of the things that makes the organization a hit with everyone is that Wings Paws N' Claws names all of their bat friends after Pokemon, X-Men, or other superheroes. From Snorlax to Storm to Bruce, the bats they rescue are a part of their family, and the #wingspawsnclaws Instagram page uses adorable photos of bats to help educate their followers about the flying fox species and what to do if you encounter a bat who needs help. I spent half an hour solely looking at adorable bats.


To learn more about bats in the wild and how to support the Wings Paws N' Claws sanctuary, you can visit their official website. 

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