Louisiana Police Apologize for Using Purge Siren to Signal Parish Curfew

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Into The Mind

Imagine you are sitting comfortably at home fulfilling your patriotic duty of staying inside and keeping Covid-19 from spreading. All of a sudden the air is pierced with the distinct sound of the Purge. That is exactly what happened in the Louisiana town of Crowley. Police are apologizing to residents after they alerted them to their coronavirus-related curfew with the sound from the fictional dystopian nightmare.


Crowley Police officers rode around Acadia Parish last week blaring a siren popularly used in the successful movie franchise The Purge to inform local residents to their 9 p.m. curfew. In the film series, the U.S. government sets up an official holiday where all crimes, including murder and assault, are legal for 12 hours. The event begins with the distinct siren sound. Parish residents immediately registered complaints about the warning sound.

Crowley Police Chief Jimmy Broussard said he didn't want to use a regular police siren to notify residents to the curfew, and another officer directed him to an old military siren, which happened to be the same one used in The Purge. Broussard, who said he didn't know about the connection to the movies, apologized and said his officers won't be using that siren moving forward.


This begs the question. Did the officer who chose the siren know it was the famous movie siren? Because I can see this being a prank. But it is possible none of the officers are familiar with the franchise. I understand mistakes happen, but if I am sitting home and the most distinguishing siren in horror begins to sound: I won’t lie, I might dirty my undies a little. I say use the same alarm I use. The ear splitting submarine dive siren. Distinct, loud, and not used in a horror movie.

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