10+ "Rabbit Holes" That Are Definitely Scary/Interesting

By Elliot for Creepy

An "Internet Rabbit Hole" is often something you just fall into without meaning to. You'll start with something completely innocent and after clicking endless amounts of related links you'll end up on the strange or scary end of the internet. The best though is when you stumble on something you really didn't expect to.

Here's a couple "Rabbit Holes" some Reddit users found online. Hopefully you'll find them as interesting as we did.

1. Ksmathers

I once had my home Linux server hacked while I was away on winter holiday. Logging in remotely from my grandparents house I noticed that the server was behaving oddly, took a look at the log files and found them truncated, so sent a shutdown command so I could do forensics when I got home.

What I ended up finding really did feel like swallowing the red pill. Someone had hacked the server using a recent sendmail exploit and resold it to someone who was using it to host an 'eggdrop' IRC bot. I logged into the IRC channel that it had been holding open and found a bunch of people sending short messages like 'CCs', or 'Root'.

About five minutes in a longer message comes along. Some guy is annoyed with a trade he has made, someone gave him a bad set of data and he wants to make his own data worthless in return before the buyer can get full use of it.

So on my screen there is suddenly a splat of information about some guy who lives in Texas, credit card, phone number, street address, and the first guy is urging everyone to buy stuff as quickly as possible before the credit limit is hit.

Feeling I was fucked, I disconnected ASAP, left an anonymous phone message on said Texas individual's answering machine advising them to check their Visa charges, and hoped that my lack of foresight in not setting up an IP proxy or anything to hide my own identity wouldn't have either the FBI or organized crime breathing down my neck in a few days.

2. Mallio


It's a blog about playing as homeless characters in the Sims. It's long, and gets pretty weird at times, and I periodically almost spit out my beverage while reading it.

3. Itsfish20

I found out I had a stalker from high school when I was in community college and decided to Google my name for some dumb reason. I don't have a very common last name but there are still a few other people out there with my first and last name.

I was like 10 pages deep in Google, place many do not ever go to and I found an old Tripod site that had my name in the url followed by one of my old AIM screen names. So I clicked it and was taken to a very basic page that had a ton of pictures stolen from my Myspace and others that had to have been taken without me knowing, thinks like me out working on my car or on the trampoline with my siblings in our yard...

It was really weird and I had no clue who it was until I scrolled all the way down and realized it was the girl I dated for a few months in Spring of our Sophomore year...she had a screen shot of a AIM conversation where I said I liked you way more than others or something on it and she took that and ran with it...

4. Nixamus

The goddamned Rock-a-Fire Explosion.

For those of you old enough to remember this, before there was Chuck. E. Cheese... There was Showbiz Pizza.

Some mad “genius" in Tampa started “perfecting" animatronics and creating characters for the birthday party celebrations... Only to see his precious creations get bought out, stripped down and repurposed.

There are some people out there who spend everything they make acquiring and maintaining these ancient monstrosities... Going to far as to program them to play their favorite songs by hand.

Here they are doing Nine Inch Nails.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm sorry, everyone.

5. Imferguson

Early in the 90's I reached a site on the eastern coast of Newfoundland that simply read "You have reached the end of the internet, turn around and go back."

6. Giddeshan

The Missing Germans. I read this all in one marathon session well into the wee hours. Essentially it's about a German family of four that were vacationing in the US and disappeared in Death Valley. A search-and-rescue guy hears about it and decides to try to solve the mystery.

7. Sexual--Predditor

This forum which is dedicated to 'baiting' the Nigerian prince email scammers:

8. Donutsareagirlsbff

Oh man, Number Stations are incredibly creepy to me. Fascinating but creepy as hell.

'A numbers station is a shortwave radio station characterized by broadcasts of formatted numbers, which are believed to be addressed to intelligence officers operating in foreign countries' - 

Edit: Meatcalculator posted a comment as someone who worked on a numbers station, thought I'd add it in here.

person_from_nowherealso shared a story their dad told them about hearing a numbers station from the USSR when he was in the military.

Farlandan shared a story told to him by his CIA father who ran a numbers station.

SoupPloxis part of a group that tracks active number stations! You can find out more info on their website!

Turnersharkbitten, shared how they stumbled onto a numbers station while stationed in Miami and his commander pulled him aside the next day.

9. TheAndex24

For some reason, I find the Poles of Inaccessibility super fascinating.

"A pole of inaccessibility marks a location that is the most challenging to reach owing to its remoteness from geographical features that could provide access"
For example, Point Nemo (the Oceanic Pole of Inaccessibility) is so remote that if you were there and the International Space Station flew over you in orbit, you would be closer to it than to any land on Earth.

edit: I realize that the ISS's orbit is only ~205-270 miles above Earth. My main point was that it's still pretty crazy to me that if you were here, you'd potentially be closer to an astronaut than to anyone on land. To put it in another perspective, you'd be a little more than 1 Pluto away from the nearest land. (Pluto's diameter is 1,475 miles, the nearest land from Point Nemo is 1,670 miles)

10. NeverSmartEnough

Back in the late 90s Compaq was shipping PCs with netbios sharing completely open. I learned that I can get into people's PCs by finding their IP while using Kazaa and Napster to look at their MP3s.I found this one guy in San Diego and as usual I'm going through his files, and I found a directory of child porno videos.A fucking collection. I called the FBI and gave them his IP address. I never went searching in people's PCs again

11. Aragacalledpat

Wikipedia's page on uncontacted tribes. It's fascinating to read about first encounters, how everyone reacts, the ultimate outcome. Every linked page about specific tribes is like it's own mini-drama.


12. FancyIsFancy

There's this well known playlist on youtube called "important videos", it has about 300 videos that are mostly short and stupidly funny

13. Former-Bishop

I was an active Mormon and researching something for a meeting. I came across a website that had great historical information and didn't at first appear to be an "anti-Mormon" site. I read that the Restoration of the Priesthood doesn't have an actual date and immediately I thought that was BS because since I was a child I had read in Church publications all about the Restoration. I could recite dates, names, places and what these great religious leaders were thinking at the time. Yeah, about that...

This website showed strong evidence that it was all a lie, but I was sure they were wrong so I set out to prove they had the wrong facts. I stared with the Church's publications, but dug deeper. I searched for source material on college websites. I found journals and other writings on archive.org. I found websites that pulled together information from a dozen sources and assembled it in a way that was terrifying to read.

In 2-weeks of near constant searching I went from a faithful member to feeling sick, crying and wanting to tear my own eyes out. Then came anger and that feeling of betrayal. I spent a couple hours nearly every day for the next year doing my best to prove everything wrong. I prayed, studied, fasted and in the end I had to be spiritually honest -- I had been lied to.

EDIT: I finally understand the statement "RIP Inbox"
I have been responded to dozens of comments - I am doing my best while pretending to work. :)

EDIT 2: My marriage ended after we both found out the truth. After reflection, we were not a good match. In the Mormon faith you don't have sex prior to marriage so you end up with 22 year olds that date, but don't have sex. This leads to getting married so you can have sex because having sex before marriage keeps you out of the temple - where you are saved. So, your salvation is based upon getting to the temple.

Without the fear of losing our eternal salvation and family - the marriage crumbled.

14. Munninnu

The Editing Room. They adjust movies' scripts highlithing plotholes and bad acting. How they break down and mock the stories is especially interesting if you have already seen the movie, they usually notice much more than a casual moviegoers sees.

EDIT: since the site appears to have been hugged to death by reddit, you can check the google cache by searching "The Editing Room + your movie": 
here The Phantom Menace

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