Forgotten Horror TV: Hammer House of Horror

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

If you are a fan of classic Hammer horror films, then you have to check out the TV series Hammer House of Horror. The series, produced by Hammer Films in 1980 consists of 13 episodes running around 51 minutes each. There is variety in the episodes, all of which are stand-alone episodes. The series runs the gauntlet of themes; murder, supernatural, revenge, psychological, etc. What the episodes do share in common is that each episode has a generous level of suspense, some plot twists, and a couple of scares thrown in for good measure.

So let's look at some of my favorite mostly forgotten horror-filled episodes. I do not understand why they only made 13 episodes. The show is a solid entry into the horror genre. I will keep it spoiler-free for the ones who have never seen them. So if this sounds like something you like, Tubi has all 13 episodes free to stream.

Witching Time


A 17th-century witch appears in 20th century England, specifically at the rural retreat of a TV composer and proceeds to terrorize him. 

Rude Awakening


Estate agent Norman Shenley is trapped in a dull marriage to his wife and fantasizes about a new life with his secretary Lolly. While checking out an old manor home in the country which he plans to put up for sale on behalf of the owners. Norman shows up at the empty house and witnesses something terrifying but then finds himself coming out of a nightmare. He keeps experiencing this dream/nightmare episodes until the lines between reality and fantasy become very blurred. 

Growing Pains


An antique book serves as a conduit for the resurrection of a malevolent spirit.

Charlie Boy


A man inherits his late uncle's artwork and his girlfriend expresses a particular interest in an African fetish doll with bits stuck in it. A series of bizarre deaths leads the man to suspect it is linked to the African fetish doll and discovers to his horror that he and his girlfriend may be the next targets. 

The Silent Scream


A prisoner who is visited by Peter Cushing's character while serving time in prison. Cushing's character gives him some money and wishes him well. When he is released from prison, he reunites with his young wife and then visits the pet shop which Cushing owns. 

It has Peter Cushing, that is enough of a reason. I won’t say it is the best of the series because of Cushing(because it is the best of the series). But this is a rare viewing. He usually plays the hero, or at most a neutral character. But here he is the villain. It is evil Peter Cushing's goodness.

Children of the Full Moon


A young successful couple finds themselves stranded in a remote country area when their car goes off the road. The couple finds a large manor house deep in the woods.

This is one of my favorites.

The Carpathian Eagle


A police inspector is determined to solve a string of serial killings. Men have been murdered in the most gruesome manner and a similar pattern convinces the inspector that a serial killer is at large. 

You can really date the time it was made. But who doesn't like 1980's goodness?

Visitor from the Grave


A young, emotionally unstable American heiress shoots a man in self-defense when the man attempts to rape her. She is found the next morning, delirious and hysterical by her boyfriend  and he aids her by covering up the death and burying the dead man's body in the woods.

The Two Faces of Evil


A family of three is on their way to a holiday cottage when they pick up a hitchhiker and soon after a struggle breaks out between the hitchhiker and the dad. 

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