The Awe-inspiring Reality of MARIA DER

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Into The Mind

I have had the delightful pleasure of being let to Maria Der. Who is that you may ask? It is an enchanting and gifted lady of the highest caliber. She is like a many facet diamond. Each side shines a creative and beautiful talent. Be it painting, design, film, or picture. I have spent the last 3 hours browsing drawings, paintings, and videos that she has graces us with. 

Naturally, I would be drawn to her horror-themed creations. As I looked at each, it has become apparent what a brilliant mind must have created these. What is so appealing is the subject matter. She has taken some of the best movie posters and presenting them with a visually twisted appearance. She doesn’t change the taglines, but incorporates it and helps portray the new and in my opinion better movie poster. I absolutely love Uncle Buck. Being a John Candy fan, of course, I would be drawn to it. She uses the original movie poster but twists it. It reminds me of Saw or Hostel. 

There are so many movies, and each one is either horror, exploitation, or Giallo. She has created these posters from movies like American Pie, Matilda, Footloose, The Breakfast Club, and a bunch more. It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is; anything from children's movies to drama. Maria has presented us with an alternative perspective on them.

I will let the artist describe her thought process.

“I am a creative concept designer with a wide range of skills. I am interested in approaching and influencing the audience through visual media and create projects that truly make difference and reflect on modern reality. I have extensive experience in designing and executing successful, visionary projects. Working on multidisciplinary projects, I developed my critical and design thinking. That enabled me to design and execute visionary successful, forward-thinking, cutting-edge creative projects.

As a working designer, I do love the process of creating as much as I love to see ideas embodied in a real-life project. I find excitement and passion in my work and I dedicate all my time, creativity, and life powers to that. 

I have experience in developing my own brief as a designer and turning that into existing projects, like a series of films, critical projects, series of postcards, posters, and notebooks. I am a hard-working individual, focused on meeting and exceeding the brief within agreed deadlines. I am a passionate concept developer, researcher, maker, and designer waiting for your email.”

And after viewing her work, I whole heartily agree. To view and buy her art, go over to redbubble or check her our on Instagram: @missms_movie_salon

Her website is mariader. Don’t forget her instagram page.

Also, head over to her facebook page for some hilarious videos. She is a cross between Benny Hill and John Cleese. I want to marry Tooty Galore. Or at least an illicit affair. A man can dream!

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