Umma is Now Available

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

An acquaintance of mine sent me a video of the first 10 minutes of Umma. Initially, I remember reading about it, but nothing else. I checked IMDB and was impressed. How did this movie slip by without my noticing? But I can’t keep track of every movie, however, I would have liked to see this one in theaters. Umma was released back on March 15th with limited showings.

Produced by Sam Raimi, and Iris K. Shim; Umma (Korean for mother) is a psychological supernatural horror movie. It was released in theaters last month and is now available at home.

The official synopsis is as follows: Amanda (Sandra Oh) living a quiet life with her daughter (Fivel Stewart) on an American farm. But when the remains of her estranged mother arrive from Korea, Amanda becomes haunted by the fear of turning into her own mother.

The cast also includes Dermot Mulroney, Odeya Rush, MeeWha Alana Lee, and Tom Yi. Iris K. Shim wrote the script in addition to directing Umma for Sony. You can check out the trailer here.

I love Asian horror. Even when it is American with Asian themes. The best part is no subtitles (YEA). I hope our interest in Asian cinema will eventually lead to more movies being released already dubbed. Like we did with anime back in the 80-90s. I am a fan that likes to watch both versions and see the difference. Anyway, if that catches your interest like mine, then here are the first 10 minutes of the film. Enjoy.

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