Granny Ripper

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Into The Mind

When anyone saw Tamara Mitrofanovna Samsonova, no one thought they were looking at one of the most prolific serial cannibals of modern times. Given the nickname Granny Ripper and Granny Cannibal after being charged with 2 murders with extreme cruelty. But authorities believe she killed at least 14 people. Tamara was born on February 5, 1947, in Uzhur Russia. After graduating from high school, she arrived in Moscow and entered the Moscow State Linguistic University. After graduating, she moved to St. Petersburg, where she married Alexei Samsonov. In 1971, she and her husband settled in the newly built panel house number 4 on Dimitrov Street. For some time she worked for the Intourist travel agencyin particular, in the Grand Hotel Europe. The amount of work experience Samsonova gathered at the time of her retirement was 16 years. She also suffers from schizophrenia and was hospitalized three times in psychiatric hospitals.

After her husband's disappearance, Samsonova began renting out a room in her apartment. According to investigators, on September 6, 2003, during a quarrel, she killed her tenant. He was a 44-year-old resident from Norilsk. She then dismembered his corpse and disposed of it on the street. 

In March 2015 Samsonova met 79-year-old Valentina Nikolaevna Ulanova who also lived on Dimitrov Street. A friend of the two asked Ulanova to shelter Samsonova for a time due to the fact that Samsonova's apartment was being renovated, to which Ulanova agreed. Samsonova lived in Ulanova's apartment for several monthshelping with the housework. She began to like living in the apartmentwanting to stay there for longer, and refusing to move out. Over time the relationship between the two deteriorated, and Ulanova eventually asked Samsonova to leave. After another conflictshe decided to poison Ulanova. Samsonova traveled to Pushkin, where she managed to persuade a pharmacist to sell her a prescription drug, premazepam. Upon returning to the cityshe purchased an Olivier salad, one of Ulanova's favorite dishes, then put the pills in the salad and gave it to the unsuspecting woman.

Samsonova later found Ulanova's body lying on the kitchen floor on the night of July 23 and proceeded to dismember it with two knives and a saw. Firstly sawing off the victim's head, she then sawed the body in half and then using the knivesshe sheared it into pieces. To take out all the bags outside of the apartmentshe had to go outside and return several times. Samsonova left other parts of the body scattered around the houseOn the evening of July 26, Ulanova's decapitated body with severed limbs, wrapped in a bathroom curtain, was found near a pond on Dimitrov Street. The package initially didn't attract any attention for several days, until a local resident took an interest in its contents. The identity of the deceased was established on July 27, after a survey of apartment residents. When they knocked on Ulanova's apartment, Samsonova opened the door to the authorities. Having entered inside, police officers found traces of blood in the bathroom and also fastening from the torn off curtain. After this, the pensioner was promptly apprehended.

On July 29, 2015, Samsonova was brought to the Frunze District Court of St. Petersburg, with the court issuing an order to detain her. She was forced to undergo a forensic psychiatric exam, and on November 26, 2015, the results determined that she was a danger to society and herself, and therefore she was placed in a specialized institution until the end of the investigation. In December 2015, Samsonova was sent for compulsory psychiatric treatment in a specialized hospital in Kazan.

According to media reports, police discovered a diary that contained details of some of the murders. The serial-killing 'Granny Ripper' who confessed to 11 murders in a gruesome diary. 

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