Killer Inanimate Objects

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

It has been an adventurous couple of days. The whole region was under a flood watch and periodical power outages. Then yesterday, a drunk driver cut a power pole in half which tore down wires and a transformer. I have been in the dark on my phone for the last 30 hours lol. Public Service Announcement: Always keep backup power banks. 

I have learned something, people have a terrible sense of nostalgia. When did society become so jaded. I have read dozens of articles and watched videos about the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Some were good, most were bad. But they all had one thing in common. This completely wrong idea that horror films were better in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. Let me be the first who lived through those decades tell you that you could not be any more wrong even if you tried. Just because a bad film comes along doesn’t mean the whole industry is lacking. I agree the whole idea of naming sequels after the original is nonsense. But movies, horror especially has always always had good and bad films in any given year. And to prove that point, I am going to list some of my favorites. Because I am a high class connoisseur of schlock and B movies. We will be looking at inanimate object killers today. Naturally these are in no order, and I hope to introduce you to something wonderful.

The Refrigerator 1991

A couple move into a bad apartment in a bad neighborhood in New York. The apartment contains a refrigerator, which is the only thing they like in the place. However, they slowly discover that the refrigerator is a monster which kills people in gruesome ways and then sends them to hell.

That’s right, a demonic fridge. Tell me that that doesn’t scream quality.

The Car 1977

A small desert town is terrorized by a powerful, seemingly possessed car, and the local sheriff may be the only one who can stop it.

I swear Steven King copied this for Christine. One of my favorite 70's horror films. 

Killdozer 1974

A small construction crew on an island is terrorized when a spirit-like being takes over a large bulldozer, and goes on a killing rampage.

Heck yea, haunted bulldozer in the tropics.

Death Bed: The Bed That Eats 1977

A bed possessed by a demon spirit consumes its users alive.

I honestly think that the combination of drugs in the 1960s resulted in the movies of the 1970s. 

 Blades 1989

Somewhere in New Jersey, a killer lawnmower stalks a small town's golf course.

This is the reason I tell people I don’t mow lawns.

The Mangler 1995

A laundry-folding machine has been possessed by a demon, causing it to develop homicidal tendencies.

This proves you can take a Steven King story, direct it by Toby Hooper, add in stars like Robert Englund, and Ted Levine. And it still sucks dirty baby diapers in a dumpster.

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