The Forgotten - Short Horror Movie

By Jack for Indie

There are many wonderful short horror films out there, I have always liked the short format that builds suspense and atmosphere with a climatic payoff at the end that leaves you breathless and your heart pounding. The Forgotten is by far one of the better ones I have ever seen.

The Forgotten is a Short Horror Film from Cameron Gallagher of Black Mountain Visuals. It stars Erica James as a young woman going back to the home she grew up in. She is off for summer break from college, only to come face to face with the loss of her sister, and something evil that inhabits the woods.

This short is fast paced, surprising and terrifying. If I did not know I was watching a Indy film maker, I would swear it was from one of the big studios. The camera work and cinematography are that good. The musical score is superb as it sets a sinister, and haunting mood.

Written & Directed by Cameron Gallagher

Starring: Erica James, Teresa Tuttle, Logan Baker, John Gallagher & Jeannine Cary

Produced by Joshua Miner and Pete Baez

Special FX Makeup: Brooke Buxton

Editing & Music by Cameron Gallagher

Watch it below:

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