By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

I have had my eye on this one for a few months now. It seems to draw from a few classic horror films into what sounds like a fun little film. The film follows a group of high schoolers looking for the time of their lives when Fear PHarm arrives on DVD/On-Demand September 15th. 

The small group thinks it’s all scary fun and games for a cash prize, but they’re being hunted for their skin! Check out the trailer.

Here is the Synopsis:

‘One cornfield, a number of psychos, and numerous killings. Welcome to scarytales! 

It’s Halloween and, if four high school seniors can make it through the world’s scariest maze in under two hours, they’ll win a cash grand prize at the local fair. Seems fun and easy enough, but little do they know they’ll only make it through if they can escape a deranged family looking to harvest the DNA of young teens for their special pharmaceutical cream. Hopefully, their high school P.E. class taught them enough to figure out how to run for their lives!’

Sound like an entertaining fear-filled time. Directed by Dante Yore, and producers Mark S. Allen and Howard Burd; Fear PHarm stars Emily Sweet, Aimee Stolte, and John Littlefield. Fear PHarm will arrive on DVD/On-Demand on September 15th. This horror film will be available via Apple TV, Google Play, Prime Video, FandangoNOW. If you're like me, I’m going to stream it first, and if I like it, go buy it on DVD for my collection.

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