Tim Burton’s Netflix Series ‘Wednesday’ Psychic Detective

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies
That is the bombshell rocking the horror fan world. Few characters are universal throughout horror fans, but the Addams Family is. Honestly, the Addams was/is/will be an introduction to horror for quite a large group of fans. So when Burton announced he wanted to do a series for everyone’s favorite Addams child, it made quite a stir. Most sites had articles with who we wanted to star in the series ( Christina Ricci as Morticia. I’ve seen the pictures. Also John Astin as Great Grandpa Mortimer). Now we know what the series is about, we are seeing the fallout of it.

Addams Family has always been a fan favorite since the 1964 TV show. As I said, it was the introduction to horror for a large volume of fans. Remember before the internet, if you were a horror fan unless you were old enough or knew someone who would rent a horror film, you were not at the mercy of TV. So when anything horror-related was aired, fans ate it up. I still watch reruns on PlutoTV. I’ve seen every one a thousand times, and I still watch them. 

Here is what we know about the new series. Tim Burton will direct the entire first 8-episode season of the series. The live-action series will focus on Wednesday Addams as she becomes accustomed to her budding psychic abilities, which she uses to assist in solving a run of murders plaguing her town and her school – Nevermore Academy. All this while also doing regular old school and growing up stuff. Wednesday will also use her psychic abilities to get to the bottom of a supernatural event that has a long history with The Addams Family.

And that is the bombshell. People are all over the place in opinions. Everything from love to sheer disgust. However, I am one to wait and give an opinion after sampling the product. Especially with Burton directing. I have voiced my opinion on Burton's projects and been completely wrong after watching them. So let me see a trailer and probably the first episode before you get a yea or nay from me.

So tell us, what is your opinion of Wednesday: Psychic Detective.
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