Hallmark is Releasing Horror Themed Ornaments

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

Hallmark has produced some of the most iconic keepsake ornaments to ever don a tree. They release a wide range of genres of characters each year. And this year is no different. I have never planned on shopping in a Hallmark store, but with the Mrs; I find myself walking along the decorative ornament filled isles a couple times a year. And yes I have picked up a few.

This year Hallmark is releasing a few ornaments that I find interesting. Previewed in the 2020 Dream Book(Mrs again), Hallmark will also be releasing brand spankin' new Stranger Things, Nightmare Before Christmas, Jaws, The Haunted Mansion and Scooby ornaments!

Remember to look through past years ornaments. You might inadvertently find another excellent addition to your collection. Just remember, keep away from pets. Especially dog who likes to chew things.

So head over to the Hallmark website and pick up yours. Who knows they may have something else that catches your eye. I’m going to pick up the new Hugo the Abominable Snowman and Daffy keepsake. I just need it.

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