Coffin Joe is Coming

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

If you are asking who is Coffin Joe, then you are not alone. Coffin Joe is a character created by Brazilian actor Jose Mojica Marins.  Coffin Joe is an amoral undertaker with Nietzschian beliefs. He is driven by his desire to have a son by "the perfect woman", believing that immortality is achieved through procreation, a concept he refers to as the continuation of blood. He often resorts to murder, kidnapping, and rape to achieve his means, with his violent nature, atheism, and antagonism towards Christianity placing him into conflict with his largely Catholic neighbors. Despite his own disbelief in the supernatural, he often finds himself experiencing paranormal phenomena, including encounters with ghosts, Death, and visions of Hell. 

Joe is Brazil's National Boogeyman. This might be the first time hearing about him, but most likely have seen his influence. Watch most of Rob Zombie’s music videos. He has been in movies, TV, and comics since the 1960s. Coffin Joe is to Brazil, like Freddy, Jason, or Michael Myers is to English-speaking countries.


The exciting news is Coffin Joe is going to make a return to the big screen thanks to Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah, and Josh C. Waller’s company SpectreVision. Marin’s Coffin Joe first showed up in At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul. Coffin Joe’s aesthetic has been adopted several times in both film and music. The great Coffin Joe went on to turn up in nine additional films; becoming a widely recognized horror icon.

One-Eyed Films and SpectreVision are working together to make this reboot happen. Since One-Eyed Films owned the rights to Coffin Joe. SpectreVision intends to reboot the character to be a more mainstream, accessible, updated version, to presenting the character to wider, new audiences. Plus Arrow Films has also made a deal with One-Eyed Films to release Coffin Joe’s original films on blu-ray as well.

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