Virtual Trip of Elvira's Tragic Kingdom

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Into The Mind

Sultry, fun, wondrous, beautiful, mysterious, and carnal lust. All these can correctly describe the horror icon Elvira. This past week Elvira provided her fans a pandemic treat. A fantastic video, Elvira’s Tragic Kingdom. The video comes courtesy of iWerks Entertainment, was shown at various theme parks in the 1990s. In the 10-minute video, Elvira pitches the innovative idea of a “scream park” appropriately titled Elvira’s Tragic Kingdom. Just think, Disney would be rolling over in his cryogenic box. Elvira takes us on a virtual ride-through of a perilous ride called Superstition.

Naturally, both the ride and the theme park remain the stuff of dreams rather than reality. But the creative thought of eating Eyes Cream at an Elvira-themed amusement park and going on rides like “It’s a Small, Small, Terrifying World.” It’s precisely the rare kind of pleasant thought that just may help us get through the horrific nightmare we’re currently living.


As Elvira herself notes:

“Since all the major theme parks are currently closed, I’m giving you the chance to go back in time and virtually experience Elvira’s Tragic Kingdom! Here’s my personal favorite ride... the house of SUPERSTITION! A motion controlled 3D experience starring Yours Cruelly! Are you feeling lucky?”

So click the link and see the virtual ride Superstition. I am a huge fan of VR. We have been promised VR since I was a kid. Every year it becomes better. So I am a happy camper.

>Elvira's Virtual Trip<

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