Shark Bait Trailer

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

You know summer is almost here. Not because of the migrations of birds or the warm temperatures. No, it is shark movie time. Ever since Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster Jaws was unleashed in June 1975 there has been a wave of sharksploitation movies every year. And because of the fact that Jaws is the single most important reason why I am not a beach fan. I reinforce that fear by watching most new shark movies. I don’t know if I am a mental sadist, or I like watching people get eaten by large fish. I know sharks are not the killers shown in films. Six to ten people are killed by sharks per year, whereas twenty-two people are killed by cows. Where are the cowsploitation films? 

What looks to be the big shark movie this year, Shark Bait is a 2022 action horror film about a group of friends marooned on a broken jet ski struggling to fend off finned predators. Shark Bait opens on May 22.

The film is directed by James Nunn (One-Shot; The Marine 6: Close Quarters; The Marine 5: Battleground; Eliminators; Tower Block) from a screenplay written by Nick Saltrese. Produced by Nadine Luque, Andy Mayson, Andrew Prendergast, Chris Reed, and Mike Runagall. The movie stars Holly Earl (Once Upon a Time in London; Dracula: The Dark Prince), Jack Trueman, Catherine Amy Hannay, Malachi Pullar-Latchman (The Three Muskateers; Hounded; Open All Night), and Thomas Flynn (Little Fish).

The official synopsis is as followed:

A group of spring-breakers is enjoying a weekend in Mexico. After a big night of partying on the beach until dawn, the friends steal a couple of jet skis and take them out to sea, but end up in a horrific head-on collision. After one of the jet skis sinks, the group finds itself stranded two miles from land on one remaining, broken-down jetski and struggling with a badly injured friend. With no clear way home and predators circling in the choppy waters below, the true horror begins.

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