Bruce Vs Frankenstein

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

With everyone looking forward to giant monsters, ghosts, kung fu, or ADHD superhero movies, and I’m here talking about Bruce Campbell. And luck would have it that Mr. Campbell dropped some knowledge on us about his next project. Named Bruce Vs Frankenstein(I’m already sold by the name alone), it is a sequel to his 2008 movie, My Name is Bruce (which he produced and directed). 


Now being a new movie with a groovy title should be enough to generate talk. But Mr. Campbell also stated he wants it to be The Expendables of horror films. Unless you live under a rock, The Expendables is a male orgasm movie with every conceivable action hero who made a movie in the last 40 years. Yes, I know women like it, but it isn’t the base group this movie was made for. It’s kinda like how Spongebob is made for kids, but stoners love to watch it too. It will be a reverse monster mash with stars from our favorite horror movies. That is enough reason for it to make bank.  We will rewatch it just to find hidden easter eggs and some stars we missed the first time.


Bruce gave some news nuggets in a recent news interview about his new film. Mr. Campbell said he wanted as many horror stars in the movie as possible. And he wanted to do different things with the characters(like his character in the first film). He also dropped a few names. Kane Hodder and his strict dietary habits. Robert Englund as a tough guy. He wants the stars to play themselves or alternate characters. When asked who will play Frankenstein, he hinted at maybe Kane Hodder.


Mr. Bruce also said that while Bruce VS Frankenstein has not entered production yet, it is being turned into a graphic novel first. He is taking the graphic novel to interested publishers and will write it himself. Campbell's next movie we will get is Evil Dead Rise, which will see him return to the Evil Dead franchise. The film will be written and directed by Lee Cronin and when asked who was produced, Campbell said since no one wanted to, he will be producing. That is a true Bruce Campbell answer.

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