Horror Movies That Don’t Exist But We Know About

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

Horror Movies That Don’t Exist But We Know About

I am finally back. I have been in a horrid time warp for the last 5 days. My router died and I have been without internet. It was a trying time, lol. It was like I was back in 1995 and the internet was not even a thing. I had to watch cable and DVDs, I almost had a breakdown. For the life of me, I don’t remember 1995 as being as boring. But the big difference was technology. The Cloud doesn’t work when you have no internet. So all my writings were locked away behind a dark cold unforgiving dead router. Now I have a new one, and all is good. so let's get back to it.

We all have seen trailers in movies about other movies that didn’t exist but were just created for that movie or TV show. I was surprised when I thought about how many they are. I was reading a small editorial about Werewolf Women of the SS and how it should be made into an actual movie. After reading it, I began thinking of other trailers or movies we see on the big and little screen that are just there for filler or jokes. I can recall quite a few, so let's go over a few.

Naturally, these are in no way, shape, or form in any order. Sit back and enjoy.

Werewolf Women of the SS

As seen in Grindhouse 2007

Synopsis: Finally, the truth about Hitler’s diabolical plans to create a race of superwomen can be told.

By the volume of merchandise and notoriety, this has, I am surprised this hasn’t become a film.


As seen in Matinee 1993

Synopsis: If a man and an ant are exposed to radiation simultaneously, the result would be terrible, indeed. For the result would MANT!

I want this film. I am a sucker for classic monster movies, especially B. Plus it pays homage to Vincent Price, so naturally, it gets high praise.


As seen in The Sopranos 1999-2007

Synopsis: Michael is a young wise guy, assassin betrayed by his people, chopped up and left in dumpsters around New York City. He’s put back together and gets his payback as The Butcher.

I have had people ask me if this was a real movie. No, it isn’t, but it would probably be entertaining if it was.


As seen in Grindhouse 2007

Synopsis: Bad things happen when you do things. So don’t.

Prom Queen Mutilator

As seen in Benny & Joon 1993

Synopsis: Cindy dreams of being prom queen with her crush, Brad. But something in her snaps when her sister pulls the spotlight from her once again.

Kinda like Carrie, Psycho, and Halloween had a threesome and this was the bastard results of that union.

Stab, 6, 7

As seen in Scream 2 1997, Scream 4 2011

Synopsis: The true story of Sidney Prescott, based on the bestseller The Woodsboro Murders by Gale Weathers. 

Yea I know it's a movie about Scream inside the movie Scream. But don’t think too hard on it, or you might reverse reality and make the universe collapse upon itself.

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