Hotel Poseidon

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

How can I put this? What would you get if took the genetic material of David Lynch, shrooms, moonshine, ecstasy, pancake makeup, meth, schizophrenia and mixed it in an old rusty bucket from the backyard? Stefan Lernous’ 2021 film Hotel Poseidon. This is one of those rare films I have to rewatch to absorb what is being served to me. Harken back to how Eraserhead created that need to understand what the story is truly telling you.

I watched it over the weekend and was like WTF did I just watch. Then rewatched it again because of the sheer volume of messages being told. I am going to watch it again when I have time, because I know there are elements I have missed. Like I said it is a film in the category of Eraserhead, The City of Lost Children, or Delicatessen. I still watch them occasionally and glean something new from them. And I have a feeling I will be doing the same with this film. 

I have a hard time describing what category exactly this film belongs in. Apocalyptic, drama, horror, comedy, experimental? There is not an instance that couldn’t justify any of these. It's not exactly apocalyptic, it’s not dramatic, it's not horrific, it’s not experimental even though it’s not linear and it's not a comedy. It’s Apocadroredal. The movie has me making up new words.

Let the creator give his own synopsis.

The film follows David (Tom Vermeir) who reluctantly pretends to be the manager of Hotel Poseidon. Fungus covers the walls. Comments such as “faded glory” and “has seen better times” completely fall short to describe this establishment. He wanders the corridors of his personal Overlook Hotel like a zombie, being a passive spectator to what happens around him. Whether it’s clients without cash, his mother castrating him with her sharp tongue or the recently deceased aunt in the hallway whose pension kept the place going. David will gradually lose his balance and tumble into a waking nightmare, in which his hotel is transformed into an existential purgatory. With inner demons on the booze, lustful creatures tempting his lonely soul to sin and a big plunge into the proverbial metaphysical shit hole, Dave can expect some strong comments on Trip Advisor.

The best I can do is give you the trailer. 

If Hotel Poseidon piques your interest, it is now available to stream on ARROW! 

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