Great Horror Movies of 2020

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Creepy

What an ordeal it’s been! I bet Nostradamus or the Myans saw 2020 coming. No one who went into 2020 had any accurate idea of what the year would deliver. Society is practically on its knees. Since theaters remained closed for most of the year, there weren’t a whole lot of theatrical movie releases. But we should have a huge 2021 with a combination of movies postponed from 2020 and the regularly released movies.

Even with so many venues for entertainment closed, between streaming, drive-ins, we still got a somewhat fair share of horror movies coming out. So as we reflect back on this most challenging year, let’s focus on the positive, and look at some of the horror movies of 2020!

The Hunt


Do you believe in curses? First, it was delayed from its Summer 2019 release of politics, then it finally opened on Friday the 13th of March, 2020, just to see practically the entire world go into quarantine within a week. Talk about kicking something when it’s down.

The story you ask? Think of the Purge but with elitists hunting deplorables. I always am a sucker for hunting movies, not because of the suspense or anything; but the horror. There are well-documented instances of humans hunting humans. And that is true horror.

Vampires vs. The Bronx


In what can only be described as a modern-day Fright Night. The protagonists are kids, who are also horror fans, so it’s easy to relate to them. Netflix originals are definitely hit or miss, and this one was a surprise hit in October.



It’s a bloody blend of Home Alone and The Purge, which pits a vicious Neo-Nazi played by Kevin James against a young teen who proves to be quite the handful.

Sorry kids, but I kept getting flashbacks of Mall Cop while watching this. Not his nor the movie's fault, just watched too many King Of Queens episodes.



Christopher Landon gave us two Happy Death Day movies, then came back with a twist on the body-switch trope. Throw in a few awesome and bloody kills, and Freaky makes for a solidly fun slasher comedy.

The Invisible Man


One of the few films that many saw in a theater before everything shut down. What we get is a tense story, with a few memorable moments.

The downside for me was the name. This is nothing at all like the original story, or any of the films. And it really ruined it when they showed how he achieved invisibility in the trailer with the paint. Call it anything but Invisible Man, and it would have been a solid movie. With the name, it was sub-par.

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