Top Horror Trailers 2018

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

Thus far, 2018 has provided several highly rated horror movies and the best part of the year, Halloween is still to come. Every once in a while, we all want to feel the thrill, the suspense and the tension that only a great horror film can deliver. True it is going to be hard to top 2017 with its blockbusters horror titles “It” and “Get Out,” but a quick look at the 2018 lineup makes it clear movie goers who love a scare won’t be disappointed. 2018 has something for ever genre of horror. So lets dive in and look at some of the biggest movies coming out this year.


The Predator

The iconic alien villain from our childhood is back to conquer the modern-day audience. They say that this is a restart of the iconic franchise, but do we really care. If you remember the very first Predator movie, then you know that it was quite suspenseful and full of tension. The cast was great, the action was fast paced, and senseless violence and mayhem. So let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best for this one; even if it turns out to be a brainless CGI with bad acting and corny one liners. Now, some of you might be worried it will be like the last few Pred movies. I admit, I am not in that boat. I love them all. Give me guns, explosions, kills, and over the top action, then I’m a happy little camper. Sometimes it is good to just turn your brain off and enjoy a movie for what it is. Mindless action and violence. Did I mention Predator dogs? Yea they have Pred dogs in this one.


Hell Fest

A new twist to the old slasher film. Four friends meet up and decide to go to Hell Fest; a sprawling labyrinth of rides, games, and mazes that travels the country and happens to be in town. Every year thousands follow Hell Fest to experience fear at the ghoulish carnival of nightmares. But for one visitor, Hell Fest is not the attraction – it is a hunting ground. An opportunity to slay in plain view of a gawking audience, too caught up in the terrifyingly fun atmosphere to recognize the horrific reality playing out before their eyes. As the body count and frenzied excitement of the crowds continues to rise, he turns his masked face to the four friends who will fight to survive the night. I am really looking forward to this one. I love haunted houses at Halloween. I love Amusement Parks(for about the same reasons, carneys are creepy). And I love slasher films. Roll those up together, you can bet I’m sitting in a theater seat with a large Dr. Pepper and popcorn watching a bunch of kids being slaughtered.



Many years after Jamie Lee Curtis last starred as Laurie Strode on the big screen in Halloween comes the 2018 Halloween sequel. No I don’t mean a sequel to the last Halloween movie, I mean a sequel to the original 1978 film. So empty your brain of all the other Halloween films because they are not cannon anymore(which I already have for all of them after pt3). This one is 40 years after the Haddenfield Murders, The Shape; Michael Myers comes back to finish what he started. I hope they throw us original fans a bone and have a Dr. Loomis reference. Maybe even a voice over. His speech from pt 2 would be a great intro. Master of horror John Carpenter will executive produce and serve as creative consultant on this film.



Remake of Dario Argento's classic 1977 film about a newcomer to a fancy ballet academy who gradually comes to realize that the staff of the school are actually a coven of witches bent on chaos and destruction. This is one a lot of people have been waiting for. So unless it is as good as the original, the critics will eat this movie up. But remember; critics are like everyone else, we all are different, and we all like different things, so if it peeks your interest, then go watch it. I can name a rather large number of movies that are in the single digits on the “o-meter” according to the critics.


Mrs. Claus

Have you ever wondered why Santa's wife hasn’t slaughtered a bunch of people? No need to wonder any more, let’s look at Mrs. Claus. Yes I know it looks cheap and I mean made for the amount of money I spend out on the town with friends, but it's about time we see the number one woman of the holiday season. Here is the lowdown, A group of college students attending a Christmas party at a sorority house that has a sinister past. They are being stalked by a bloodthirsty killer disguised as Mrs. Claus. How has this not been a movie yet. Santa has been the subject of a score of horror films, but his beloved has been sorely missed. Now before you dismiss this, I can name a dozen cheap films with killers in everything from pig to doll masks, and have been thoroughly entertained. So don’t judge the book by it’s mask.


Nightmare Cinema

Along the lines of classic anthology series like The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits, Nightmare Cinema centers on a group of down on their luck individuals who enter the run down theater. Their deepest and darkest fears are brought to life on screen by The Projectionist, a mysterious, ghostly figure who holds the nightmarish futures of everyone who is present. And naturally no one can escape his screenings. I love anthology films. Odds are at least one or more of the shorts will be enjoyed by everyone.


The Cleanse

I have a soft spot for small critters movies. The Cleanse fills that spot to overflowing. An unemployed, heartbroken man searches for happiness. When he sees an ad for a spiritual retreat promising to restart your life, he immediately signs up, hoping to cleanse himself and fix his broken life. But after only a few days, he discovers the cleanse is releasing more than just everyday toxins. It is darkly humorous and weird. Gorehounds will be disappointed.


A Quiet Place

A new twist to the monster movie. A family of four must navigate their lives in silence after mysterious creatures that hunt by sound threaten their survival. If they hear you, they hunt you. The simplicity of the concept makes A Quiet Place such a fascinating prospect but it's the execution that excels it to soaring heights. A true strait forward formula that gives a large amount of suspense. The Quiet Place took the concept of 'survival instincts' to a all new level. A dash of sci-fi, a sprinkle of horror, mix in tense atmosphere, and the result is a above average movie.



A breakout film. When the matriarch of the Graham family passes away, her daughter's family begins to unravel cryptic and increasingly terrifying secrets about their ancestry. The spectrum of emotions you go through range from sheer terror to complete hopelessness and sorrow. The movie picks at the human psyche in all the right ways. A slow burning style of tension that screen junkies love , with some mainstream horror bumps in the night for the average movie goer.



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