By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

I was scrolling through some old movies on one of my streamers and I came across a Sunday afternoon staple back in the day. Released in 1988, FleshEater is a classic indie movie with an iconic character.

FleshEater is a must-watch for Romero and gore fans. You might be asking yourself why? First FleshEater was directed by Bill Hinzman, who memorably played the very first zombie to appear in Romero’s Night of the Living Dead! Second, the title is taken from one of the original titles for Night of the Living Dead. Third, and most importantly, the film is about practically the same exact character from the original Night of the Living Dead.

The official synopsis is as follows: While assisting on a dig, a construction worker accidentally destroys the final resting place of a demonic zombie, rousting him from his unholy slumber, and reigniting his taste for human flesh. Meanwhile, a group of teenagers has decided to spend the night camping in the woods for a Halloween hayride, only to have their partying interrupted with the arrival of an ever-growing army of bloodthirsty undead! Will anyone survive the night in one piece?

This is a great B movie. It has lots of gore and nakedness. The acting is subpar, but it's great fun. And the best part is you can watch it on Youtube. No need to go looking for this one. So if you need something to watch and want to indulge in some cinema history, or are a lover of B movies; look no more. Head over to Youtube, it is just a fun little indy film.

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