Amityville in Space Trailer

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

Oh yes you read this correctly. Amityville and space. In my everlasting quest for rubbish, schlock and terrible movies, I have found another gem. True the Amityville Horror used to be a genuine horror franchise, the name and the Conjuring Universe have opened the door for anyone and everyone to make a movie with “Amityville” in the title. And why not space? We already have the zombie movie Amityville Uprising, werewolf movie The Amityville Moon, and the shark attack movie Amityville Shark House. If Jason can go to space, why can’t other horror icons? 

Inspired from a real-life horror and based on the novel by Jay Anson, the original The Amityville Horror movie was released in 1979, followed by a series of sequels throughout the 1980s and 90s including Amityville II: The Possession, Amityville 3D, The Amityville Curse, Amityville: It’s About Time, and Amityville Dollhouse. In 2005, Ryan Reynolds starred in an official remake of the original classic. Pretty much every other “Amityville” movie, however, isn’t actually part of any legitimate franchise. But they are still fun to watch. Head over to, they have a huge selection of Amityville movies.

The official synopsis is as follows: From Wild Eye Releasing, pack your bags for a frightening intergalactic stay at Amityville. The ultimate battle against the Amityville curse begins after the infamous murder house is exorcised from Earth and reappears in outer space in Amityville in Space.

From director Mark Polonia (Sharkula), and starring Titus Himmelberger, Cassandra Hayes, Tim Hatch, Ryan Dalton and Jeff Kirkendall, the horror movie will release July 2022. 

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