Top Friday the 13th Movies

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

We have the rare 13th date on a Friday. Usually, we get one a year, and sometimes two. This is for the best since most people hold that it is a “Bad Luck” day. But that is usually how you were raised if you view it as such. My grandfather considered it a “Good Luck” day. He was a coal miner, and other miners being superstitious would take that day off. Since very few people worked, it meant a smaller possibility of accidents. Hence I do not view the 13th as bad if I even acknowledge it at all.

We are going to rank the top three Friday films. Why three? So you can watch one each night, or just binge them. Besides, there are untold lists of Friday the 13th rankings, but this one is mine. And mine is special since I rank in watchability. 

Friday the 13th 1980

This is the beginning and it's really hard to deny that it's iconic. From the creepy killer POV shots to the twist ending, this movie has everything a slasher film should have. This film should be the standard for jumpscares. Tell me that the ending didn’t make you jump or at the very least tense up. However, the best thing going for it is the death of Kevin Bacon! If I had to choose, this one would be the best. 

Assuming I have a complaint, they're this: The movie is poorly lit. I know it was made on a budget, but some scenes are super dark.

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood 1988

Some will disagree but I don’t care, it is almost a monster mash. We get Jason in all his cheesy goodness and let's be honest, Carrie. A girl with telekinetic powers who inadvertently brings Jason back to life. Not only do we get great fight scenes, but some of the most creative kills in the franchise.

This reminds me of the classic Universal crossover films. We get two of the characters battling, and at the end, we get a zombie/ghost guest star. It is just fun to watch. Not to mention this is the best Kane Hodder as Jason ever.

Freddy vs. Jason 2003

Because two monsters are better than one. This is for many horror fans a dream come true to see a clash of these horror titans. The story goes as such: Freddy Kreuger raises Jason from the dead in order to create fear among the people in his town, so he can regain power and start killing again, too. Straightforward and simple to understand. Fire versus water.

I admit the movie is silly. But it is so very satisfying to see Jason and Freddy fight both in Freddy's nightmare world and also in the real world of Camp Crystal Lake. This is a movie where you didn’t go for the story or kills. You went to watch two icons of horror beat each other ass. Sometimes you just want mindless fighting, that is why Godzilla is so popular.

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