Godzilla vs Kong Trailer Side by Side with King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962)

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

I stumbled across this while out sick and thought it was beyond awesome. Since I have been out sick since last week, reading and playing on the internet gives me vertigo if I do it for more than a few minutes. So I have been glued to the couch watching videos and Youtube. I hope to be better to get back to work by the end of the week.


Now to the video. Apparently, the creators at Long Live the King(wonder who they will be rooting for) have meshed the new remake trailer with the original from 1962. It is a treat that leaves me with a warm feeling.

First and foremost, it is almost beyond belief how much technology has advanced. I remember watching the original and was blown away by the effects(and big monsters fighting). I still love all the different titan's movies. But the newer movies are lightyears ahead of them in how they look.


So as of now, we will have to be happy with trailers. We are still looking at a March 26th but possible March 30th release. But with a Covid world, who knows. I am at the point that I would pay double the price to see it. And it doesn’t have to be in IMAX.   

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