Abandoned Wacky Warehouse

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Creepy

The quiet town of Stone in Staffordshire holds a creepy but interesting location. In an old abandoned lot sits an equally old boarded-up building that use to be a place that brought profound joy to kids. Sitting dark and foreboding an abandoned Wacky Warehouse stands as a grand testimony of brighter and happier days. For people not familiar with Wacky Warehouse(Americans). Imagine a Chucky Cheese and a Mcdonald’s Playland had a baby. The only substantial difference is quite a few Wacky Warehouse locations also have pubs connected to them for the parents/guardians to relax with an adult beverage while the kids burn off some energy in the multilayer play zone.

A depressing day in March 2019, The Wacky Warehouse doors were closed. True, it disappointed kids of the area but what the owners implemented next was what took the land of fun and games to a creep-factor of 10. When most businesses close, they either sell or promptly transfer the solid assets(furniture, equipment, paperwork). Well, not this Wacky Warehouse. It looked as if they cleaned the perishables out then just closed the doors and locked it. The play area is fully intact even with a full ball pit. In the offices, receipt litters the floor and desks. Cups and bottles were left sitting as if someone will be back in a few moments. It is as if whoever worked there just vanished into thin air.  It truly reminds me of a horror movie where the population just disappears. Very disturbing.

After reading thousands of comments, and a rather loosely based internet search across a few social media platforms, I found a walkthrough video from the abandoned Wacky Warehouse in Stone.  If you are like me who is more inclined to enjoy pictures(easier and clearer to study), then   https://www.facebook.com/AbandonedandForgottenUK/ is a great place for crisp clear pics of abandoned buildings all across the UK.  

After looking through the vandalized building; All that is left behind is childhood memories for many people and a sad abandoned wacky warehouse.

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