The Cool Side of My Pillow

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Creepy

I was checking my email this morning and saw a notification from Amazon. My first thought was great, Amazon found another deal on a filter for my refrigerator. Amazon needs to really do something about their whole “Since you purchased this" selection. It would be helpful if I was collecting filters or drain snakes. But I’m not(unless you are supposed to throw away drain snakes after one use). Anyway enough ranting about Amazon and their pitiful auto selection. The notification was genuinely useful. It said that Bruce Campbell released a new book. The Cool Side of My Pillow: A Book of Essays.


To say the least, it piqued my interest. Besides being a horror icon, he’s also a New York Times Bestselling Author. So with Bruce Campbell back with his latest writing project, I was all over it! I haven’t read it yet(Christmas errands and such) but hope to get around in a few days. Here is the synopsis:

“I wanted to write another book, but I had already yammered on about myself in two previous autobiographies, so it was time to mix things up.

The Cool Side of my Pillow is a collection of essays. Don’t let that fancy word fool you. I’m not trying to get highbrow or rant myself blue, but there are experiences and observations outside of the entertainment industry that I feel are worth sharing.

What’s it about? Mostly, things that matter to me, like putting in the effort, being honest and not treating the environment like it’s the enemy. Is it self-help? I hope not, but you will find musings about fame, mysterious carvings, UFOs and my general disdain of loud noises. Is it political? If it is, I’ll refund your money. There are no conspiracy theories in The Cool Side of my Pillow, just snarky humor and a sincere desire for us all to find peace on earth.

I hope you like this book. It’s my first effort at “self-publishing,” so there won’t be any national book tour, marketing blitz or glowing reviews to get your attention – just me throwing it out to the “Inter-webs” and hoping you’ll find it.


Bruce Campbell”


The Cool Side of My Pillow, now available from Amazon for Kindle, is a collection of essays penned by Campbell. You can grab a copy right now for just $9.99. The book is self-published(which is surprising and encouraging for amateur writers), and it looks like it’s only available digitally for now. If I had known it was coming out, I would have purchased a few for some friends who are Campbell fans. 

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