11th Hour Cleaning

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

Having watched thousands of hours of murder documentaries, tv shows, and movies there is one aspect that is rarely talked about. And that is Crime Scene Cleaners. In the tradition of horror, Screen Media Ventures is giving these essential parts of murder investigations their time to shine. Screen Media released the trailer for 11th Hour Cleaning, which will be scrubbing out this summer.

The official synopsis is:

A group of crime scene cleaners struggles to escape a murder house. After becoming trapped by an ancient Nordic demon hell-bent on driving them insane, they must face their most personal regrets and fears through horrific hallucinations. As they uncover what truly happened to the murder victims, they struggle to escape their own deaths by finding and destroying pieces of a relic from Norse mythology that gives the demon power.

The 11th Hour Cleaning stars Chloe Brooks (Embed), Eddie Finlay (2 Fast 2 Furious), Anita Leeman-Torres (Speed Kills), Ed Morrone (Final Kill), and Dave Baez (“Dexter”).

11th Hour Cleaning was produced by Eric Brodeur, Ty Leisher, and Ed Morrone. This film is based on a story created by the trio and written by Leisher and Morrone. Thomas Griffith and Carl Katerndahl are the executive producers.  

Screen Media has dated 11th Hour Cleaning for a digital and video-on-demand release on July 5, 2022. The film marks the feature directorial debut for Ty Leisher.

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