Jeepers Creepers 4 Reboot

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

It’s been close to 4 years since the Jeepers last made his presence on the big screen. Even though the last installment of the movie failed, Jeepers Creepers 4 plans to change all of that. The original Jeepers Creepers released in 2003 made 59 million, followed by the 2nd installment with 63 million. The 3rd movie was a bit of a mess as we all know, it felt rushed and incomplete.


Some thought part 3 would kill the franchise(coupled with Director Salva’s past). Well, it didn’t. First, it is a reboot, and couple it with the fact that Salva has been completely cut from any ties to the film. Apparently, the studio wants a clean break from the former movies and went with a reboot. So what kind of reboot is it? Talk is the film will be a combination of the first and third films. Here is the synopsis: 

 “The film unfolds as the Horror Hound festival holds its first-ever event in Louisiana, where it attracts hundreds of geeks, freaks, and die-hard horror fans from far and wide. Among them is fanboy Chase and his girlfriend Laine, who is forced to come along for the ride. But as the event approaches, Laine begins to experience unexplained premonitions and disturbing visions associated with the town’s past, and in particular, local legend/urban myth The Creeper. As the festival arrives and the blood-soaked entertainment builds to a frenzy, Laine believes that something unearthly has been summoned…and that she is at the center of it.”


Will the new movie be a success, unlike the 3rd installment? There are rumors the “Trish” will be in the last installment in order to finally finish the story. Could there be something at the end that creates a whole new story and Creeper? Will we learn about the origins and what the Creeper is and where he came from? Who knows, but what I do know is that I’m looking forward to this movie.  Hopefully, it will not be pushed back, and we will only have to wait till the fall (2021).

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