Turn Your Ashes Into, A Bath Bombs?

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Creepy

While cruising on the information highway, a particular news story caught my eye. There are dozens of unique options for burial(kinda like the mummification), from traditional to green funerals to turning yourself into the soil with a free tree included. Well, add another option to the proverbial mix.

A UK urn company, Urns for Ashes has invented a new way to honor recently passed loved ones by creating a biodegradable urn that can be used for burials at sea. The company is not making fun of people’s losses. Urns for Ashes wanted to create a medium that not only honors loved ones, but is also safe for the environment.  

However (you knew it was coming), one particular biodegradable urn resembles a giant bath bomb. The Mrs has a box of actual bath bombs and they are identical. The rest of the urns are very tasteful. 


According to the laws, UK burials at sea require no permit as long as the cremains don’t contain foreign objects such as metal or plastic. That makes this innovative idea safe for the environment. 

If this piques your interest, then head over to urnsforashes

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