Unexpected Horror Movie Deaths

By RodneyHatfieldJr for Movies

When you watch a horror movie, deaths are expected. Death is a primal fear. Everything tries to escape death. And we also can usually tell who will make it to the end. The two people sneaking off for sex, to drink. or get high: dead. However, sometimes we get blindsided by an unexpected death. The one we knew would survive, ends up being victim number 4. 

We are going to list some of those deaths we didn’t see coming. Naturally, this list is in no way shape or form in any order.

Little Girl/Frankenstein 1931


No one foresaw Frankenstein's monster inadvertently kills a little girl. The poor guy mistook her for a flower! This gives some fascinating insight into the nature of the monster. Yes, I feel bad for the kid, but I now feel bad for the so-called monster.

Terry/Final Destination 2000


Who saw this one coming. Yeah me either. Oh, the irony when one avoids the grips of death for so long and then gives a speech about relinquishing such fears, only to then be hit by a bus. 
Remember kids to look both ways when crossing the street.

Casey Becker/Scream 1996


This is a kill that came out of the blue. This was the big star of the movie, Drew was the posterchild for the advertisement, and she is dead within minutes of the opening credits. After that, I was not placing any money on anyone to survive. 
I still haven't figured out how Dewey has survived all of them.

Tracy Mills/Se7en 1995


What’s in the box? Everyone knows what’s in the box, and we were all surprised. I would have beaten him to death instead of shooting Doe. I mean if you are going to be Wrath, then be the biggest most painful Wraths ever. If you're going to kill him, at the very least work off some of that pent up grief and depression. Am I right?  
I think this is a better movie than Silence of the Lambs. Yea I said it. 

Samantha/I Am Legend 2007


What? I didn’t expect it and almost cried with Will Smith. Besides I said deaths, I didn’t say human deaths. That death hurt and was unexpected. So it gets listed.

This almost made the film unwatchable. But the death does add so much to the isolation and helplessness of the film, I give it a pass. But it is so heartbreaking.

Quint/Jaws 1975


Here is the great white shark hunter who has had a deep hatred of them since the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. He knows sharks; knows how they think, feed, and act. He is the knight that will slay the mighty dragon threatening the kingdom. If it wasn’t for the scuba tank, he wouldn’t have fallen into the jaws of Jaws.

Marion Crane/Psycho 1960


Here is another one of those WTF moments. Imagine it is 1960, here is your big star, the one person everyone knew would survive regardless of what was going to happen in the movie; then boom. She dies in a frenzied stabbing scene while showering. Other than becoming an instant iconic scene, this was something that has never been seen before. Big stars, unless they are villains never died in this way. From sickness, sure, old age, OK, but murder? Never. This was unexpected and ground-breaking. 

Dr. Malcolm Crowe/The Sixth Sense 1999


No one knew the Dr. was dead the whole time. Now that we know, there are some hints, like no one other than the kid talks to him directly, or how he was scared of talking to him at first. 

Ben/The Night of the Living Dead 1968


Fighting and surviving the horde of ghouls(they are not zombies), and other survivors, Ben can hear the cavalry coming. Just like in the Westerns, here come the good guys to save the day. And Ben gets his brains blown out. The one character you didn’t want to slap at one time or another in the whole movie, he did everything right just to be mowed down and burned with the rest of the undead at the end. 

Dick Hallorann/The Shining 1980


This one was a swift angry kick in the testicles for me. I am a huge Scatman fan. His voice work alone is my childhood. I have read the book. Now I am sitting and watching the movie, and here comes a big ax to the chest. I felt that pain. I knew things were different between the book and the movie, but this was a blow. 

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